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Jonar NaderMy name is Jonar Nader. I am a consultant, author, journalist, and social commentator. My books include ‘How to Lose Friends and Infuriate People’. My official website is LoseFriends.com my official blog is at www.LoseFriends.com/blog. It gives me no pleasure to be hosting this site. I have many other things that I should be doing. However, I feel it my duty as a citizen to share my story so that others who are suffering from hair loss and baldness can seek expert treatments with some dignity. I have been losing my hair, and so I responded to the many full-page ads that Sam Cohen of IHRB places. He says that he offers a 100% money back guarantee. I soon found out that this is not true. He refused to refund my money when his treatment failed to work for me. But that is not the reason behind this website. Mr Cohen has done us all a favour by refusing to honour his own guarantee. You see, if he had just done the honourable and ethical thing, I would have moved on, thinking that I was one of the unlucky people for whom certain treatments do not work.

Thankfully, Mr Cohen’s appalling behaviour made me wonder about his methodology. So I started to investigate. What I found out was so sensational, that I, of all people, could not let it pass without speaking-up about his conduct and his methods. You see, for the past 20 years I have been on hundreds of radio and TV programs, and in magazines and books, fighting to protect consumers. Every waking moment of the last 20 years has been about standing up to the bullies, daring to speak-up about the biggest of names and the most powerful of people. And here I was, like a stupid fool, taken for a ride by IHRB. It really does not matter to me. I can afford to lose $3,700 on a harebrained scheme. I am mature enough to cope with being fooled. Life is one big learning curve.

This site is not about me. It is about Sam Cohen and his unbelievable audacity. This site is about you, especially if you feel that you need a guiding hand about your thinning hair. This site is about the disgraceful social framework that can allow someone like Sam Cohen and IHRB to stay in business. We think that we live in a developed country. Apparently not. Many people have seen what this man is doing. Why has no-one spoken up? Why, to this day, do people send me emails saying that they applaud my efforts, yet they do nothing themselves. We live in a hit-and-run society. People just do not understand the importance of fighting against those who rob others of their money or their dignity or their rights.

Before signing-up with IHRB (Institute of Hair Regrowth & Beauty), I searched the web and found nothing about IHRB, other than advertorials and testimonials. I wish that someone had taken the trouble to warn the unsuspecting. Alas, I was at a disadvantage when I entered the lion’s den. I was had. I was fooled. I was stupid.

Please keep in mind that I am not a doctor, and I am not a lawyer. The observations on this site were obtained after almost five years of intensive and extensive research. I have spoken with doctors and lawyers and many officials and experts, as well as government departments, the TGA, the ACCC, the HCCC, AHPRA, and many others. I have staff who monitor all the courts and Tribunal listings every single day, at great expense. I have researchers and administrators and an active team that monitors Sam Cohen’s every move, as well as the (current and previous) activities of his suppliers and pharmacists, both past and present. It is not my intention to give you any medical advice. I simply want you to learn about my findings so that you can consult with your healthcare professionals with a higher degree of knowledge about the types of questions that you could ask in relation to your hair loss treatments. I also hope that fewer people will be conned and ripped off, because Sam Cohen’s methodology draws clients like bees to honey, except that it is not real honey, but, as per my sad experience, it is lies and deceptions that amount to what I believe is a scam. Not a 50% scam. Not a 90% scam. In my opinion, it is a big fat massive whole 100% scam. Not a micro-percentage can escape. It is a solid ironclad 100%. Too bad one can’t literally say 1,000,000% scam, because I somehow feel that such a figure would more accurately represent my opinion about the situation.

I would welcome your comments. Please write to me at info@SpeakUpNow.info.

Please note that if you speak with Mr Sam Cohen, he will tell you his version of the story, which I have heard many times. I can tell you this much (and I do not know how else to emphasis it): Every single word, every single statement, every single inference, every single document, and every single story or phrase uttered by Sam Cohen in relation to me and his business and his operation are twisted manipulated lies or they are irrelevant arguments that are designed to support some other sleight of hand. Some of his lies are so imperceptibly subtle that you would not notice them; but they become stunningly significant if you know what trick he his pulling. To me, they ring alarm bells; while to the unsuspecting masses, they are invisible, until I point them out, and then people’s eyes light up and their jaw drops. This site has almost 200 articles with proof, and still, almost five years on, day by day, he still spins more lies to try to dispute the evidence. Sam Cohen ducks and weaves and manipulates systems, policies, procedures, and leaves people sympathetic to his cause. Alas, he is like a hypnotist. His mantra is so well rehearsed that most people who listen to his explanations warm to his argument and presume that he seems to know what he is talking about. Indeed he knows what he is doing, and why he is not supposed to do it, and as such, he can spin the perfect line to plaster over all the cracks. That is what makes him so clever. Unfortunately, there is not a shred of truth. I know the English language, and I know what I’m saying to you when I say, ‘NOT A SHRED!’ So, whatever he tells you, feel free to check with me. I have shown how every statement he has uttered to me or about me and his misconduct and illegal practices have been lies. He is now re-tracing his steps and saying that he does not do it this way, he does it that way. Either way, in my opinion, it is a scam and a sham and a rip off. But he will keep trying, and we will keep exposing him because people are getting hurt and he is ripping them off! So why will he not pull his head in? That is amazingly fascinating. The way he justifies his version of events is mesmerising. It is sad for a man his age. He just cannot stop a moment and admit that he is operating illegally; albeit cleverly. Indeed his modus operandi is super clever. How else has he been able to get away with it for so long? He pulls the wool over most people’s eyes, and he is so convincing! Sadly, being clever while cheating and lying is no accolade. Imagine if he used his creativity for doing good deeds instead of stealing money from people via lies and deceptions. There is a whole conference in Sam Cohen. Perhaps a whole PhD for some researcher who can answer the illusive question of why liars never shut-down that engine. Despite the proof, the police raids that found him with the illegal goods, the TV exposure, almost 200 articles of proof on this site, the many clients of his who are complaining, he will persist and persist. The human brain is fascinating beyond words.