Before & Laughter

Before & Laughter

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Here are the photos that prove that Mr Sam Cohen’s hair regrowth treatment is a laugh-and-a-half. Mr Cohen is quick to show us misleading photos in all his promotions. What he never tells us is that the stunning results were achieved after his clients had been pumped so full of non-approved and dangerous drugs, that one wonders what serious damage they had done to themselves.

I had hoped that I would never have to release these photos. They are neither nice nor flattering. However, people have been curious, and Mr Cohen will insist that my hair had grown, citing that as the reason for refusing to honour his famous money-back guarantee. [Photos of the rash that I suffered can be viewed at this link.]

Let me take you on a journey

We start on the 11th of September 2008. Mr Cohen told me that he has never failed to achieve great results for all his clients. He said that his success rate was 130%. Amazing. And he said that he is the only person to offer a full, no ifs, no buts, money back guarantee. He said that I had nothing to lose. So he took a series of photos. Here is the top angle, taken at 3:47 pm and 19 seconds. This was taken at the IHRB office at 105 Pitt Street in Sydney. Mr Cohen directed the shots, and used his own camera.

I visited Sam Cohen on the 17th of December 2008. And now we can see that the hair loss had become worse. Would Mr Cohen admit to this? Never. He boasted about my scalp improving. He said that my hair colour and thickness was improving, and he started touching my hair and speaking gibberish, saying things like, ‘So here we have India, and this is Pakistan, and we have the mango trees…’ I really had no idea what he was talking about. He would gesture with his thumb and pinkie finger. It was oh so scientific.

This was taking on the 9th of June 2009. Nine months into the program, and Sam Cohen was amazed and pleased. With glee and child-like excitement, he would say that my hair was coming along nicely. I kept on disputing his assessment, and so he would launch into more jargon like Catagen and Telogen and Anagen, as if that explained why my hair was thinning badly.

Later in June 2009, I suffered a ghastly and painful rash. It started the moment I applied his topical solution from a new bottle that I had opened that morning. A faulty batch, in my opinion. So I took these photos at home and sent them to Mr Cohen. He said that the rash had nothing to do with his products, which were specially formulated for him by a pharmacist in Melbourne. Throughout the treatment, I kept telling Mr Cohen that nothing was working, but that was like water off a duck’s back. He paid no attention. Mind you, he knew all along that it would not work. That’s why he wanted me to take Loniten and Proscar. He wanted to dose me up and turn me into a junkie. My doctors refused to prescribe these dangerous and non-approved medications. Of the two shots above, the one on the left one one of three horrid shorts I had sent to Sam Cohen. The one on the right was taken several weeks later. My scalp remained tender and scared like this for ages.

On the 31st of August 2009, I went in for my final assessment. Mr Cohen had insisted that my hair had improved. This time, he started to pat my hair down to cover the sparse areas, and, like something out of a BBC comedy, he took out-of-focus photos. When I pointed this out, Mr Cohen said, ‘These photos are very clear. Your hair has improved. Of course you can still improve some more, but you have improved a great deal.’ When I insisted that the photos were out of focus, he said, ‘A blind man can see you have improved.’ So there and then, I pull out my portable digital camera from my holster and took the shot below.

Using my own camera, I took this photo on the 31st of August 2009, a few minutes after the out-of-focus photo above was taken by Mr Sam Cohen. In this photo, you can see Mr Cohen’s left hand in the photo. He was sitting on his office chair. I showed him the photo on my camera, and he said that we can’t use that shot because it was important to always use the same camera. He wanted to use his camera, so as to maintain consistency. So, dear reader, as you can see, this photo shows what my scalp really looked like. The photo above was out of focus on purpose. Mr Cohen really expected me to swallow his lies, and to part with my money, and use his dubious concoctions, and now he wanted me to leave his office and go home and think nothing more about it. When I complained, he said that I should continue the treatment for three years. Funny beyond words. He had tried that trick on another of his clients who had lost $12,000. After three years, that poor man still had seen no improvement. So when he asked for his $12,000 back, Mr Cohen said, ‘Too late, you should have asked for a refund at the end of the first year. You can’t ask for a refund after three years.’ Indeed, yours truly had asked for a refund, but Mr Cohen refused. He said that my hair had grown just like he promised. By the way, that photo also shows the red spots that had still not healed after the ugly rash.


Below we see the real ‘Before & After’ situation. I rotated the photo on the right so as to show you the matching camera angles. On the left we see the BEFORE. And on the right, we see the AFTER. And there you have it. My before and after. Mr Cohen is swearing black and blue that a blind man could see the improvement. This unfathomable misconduct is what led to me investigate what seemed to me to be a sham and a scam. How pathetic! Mr Cohen is wasting everyone’s time with this colossal scandal of an operation that he calls IHRB. The Institute of Hair Regrowth & Beauty. More apt to call it Incompetent Hair Regression & Bull.

Oh and let’s not forget that Mr Cohen said that he had never failed. Let’s not forget that he publishes photos like the ones below, claiming that all his clients, and I mean ALL his clients (in their thousands) are satisfied. So when we see these images below on his website, in hand-outs, advertisements, and in his office, I put it to you this way: supposing that my ‘before and after’ shots were reversed. Imagine for one minute that the results were the other way around, whereby we switch them over and assume that my Before-shot is really the After-shot. Even then, the results would pale next to these photos below that con people into handing over their money on the basis of such remarkable results. Mr Cohen tells the world that he can achieve these results, but he never says that we have to go to dubious doctors to obtain dangerous non-approved medications that could cause heart failure, instant death, and massive health problems.

I really don’t know what more to tell you. It is so ludicrous, that friends who read this site call to ask me if I am pulling their leg. Is this one of my jokes? I kid you not. This is a knee-slapper, and make no mistake about it. However, this is also a slap in the face to us all, from the Health Department down. Mr Cohen is one smart cookie… but all cookies crumble. Now wrap your laughing gear around that!

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