IHRB owes pharmacist $14,800

IHRB owes pharmacist $14,800

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When Sam Cohen’s long-time pharmacist dumped him, he charmed his way into the life of a new, unsuspecting pharmacist who now regrets the day he ever met Sam Cohen. What was supposed to be a new business relationship, ended up a sad and sorry affair, with Sam Cohen refusing to honour his debts that reached $14,800 before the pharmacist stopped supplying.

The pharmacist told me that Mr Cohen would not return calls and refused to pay up. Why? No reason. That’s just Samuel Faraj Cohen! He is the Managing Director of the Institute of Hair Regrowth & Beauty in Pitt Street, Sydney. When Sam Cohen feels that someone owes him any money, he gets on his high-horse and threatens them with everything imaginable, including scaring the alleged offender with reporting them to the immigration department, as if anyone in Sydney who looks slightly not Irish must be on the run from the immigration department. I learned this when a client of Sam Cohen paid for a treatment and walked out, not knowing that the bank had declined his credit card. Sam’s secretary should have noticed, but no-one noticed, so Sam thought that the client was avoiding payment, and he wrote an email to the client saying, ‘If you do not pay in full as agreed by tomorrow, you will leave me no alternative other than to take “legal action”. I will have to send your photographs to all the banks, the Credit Reference Department, Department of Immigration, Police, Fraud Squad, Fair trading, etc.’

Sam Cohen owed me money, and he still owes me money. He raised his fist to my face and said that he would ‘Smash my f#cking face in’. He owes money to many people who contact me and tell me so. And as I have always said, ‘You are what you are, at your weakest’. This means that if Sam Cohen has no problem with ripping me off, he would be the kind of person who would have no problem in owing his suppliers money.

The poor pharmacist did not know what hit him. The funny and talkative Sam Cohen is also a ‘nasty Jew’. I would never use such language. That’s how Sam Cohen describes himself, while using F-words all over the place. He does not fear anyone, least of all the law. And when the party is over, he will give you the ‘jolly roger’ which is his way of saying, he will ‘F#ck you’. ‘Use them and abuse them’ seems to be his creed. Such was the situation with his pharmacist. When no longer useful to him, Sam gave him the jolly roger.

After the police raid and the investigations by the Health Care Complaints Commission that finally slapped Sam with a Permanent Prohibition Order, Sam knew that he could no longer work with that Pharmacist, because the pharmacist’s premises were also raided, which meant that the pharmacist was bound to ask questions. So Sam knew that the game was up, as far as this pharmacist was concerned. Sam quickly moved on to a third pharmacist in Fairfield. So why pay his debts? Why waste money honouring his commitments? What could that pharmacist do? If I know Sam, he would have told the pharmacist where to go.

Luckily, the pharmacist took the matter to the local Court and won. Unfortunately, Mr Cohen cried poor. So the Court ordered that Mr Cohen pays a fraction of the amount owing each week. The man who oozes money is now crying poor. Goodness, just imagine what $14,800 represented. If we take a stab in the dark and say each bottle was for $80, then we are saying that in a period of a few months, Sam Cohen ordered 135 bottles or packs of medications. That’s a lot of clients paying around $4000 each, or some re-ordering a bottle at $900 according to his price list. You might say that 135 ought to be divided by six because Sam might give more than one bottle per client. Indeed that was not the case with Ron whose story you can read here.

I asked the pharmacist if he had conducted a credit-check on Sam Cohen. Alas not. The pharmacist was very busy running his practice and attending to his family. He had no reason to suspect that a man who boasts about being in business for 40 years, and a man who advertises prolifically, sporting a city office, is likely to be a shonk.

What would the pharmacist have found out if he had conducted a credit check? He would have learned that a check with Veda Advantage on Mr Samuel Faraj Cohen would have returned a perfectly clear warning: Mr Cohen is a credit risk of the highest order. Take a look at the graph below from Veda Advantage that was attached to Mr Cohen’s Veda Advantage Report. It does not hover in the middle of anything. It is as far left as any needle can go. Veda says, ‘The primary purpose of the scores is to predict the likelihood of a future adverse event being recorded in the Individual’s Veda Advantage bureau file.’

The Veda report says that Sam Cohen is 6.65 times worse than the average. 6.65 times worse than the middle of the road. Now that spells disaster, as the pharmacist found out — the hard way!

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