Sam doing a Samsung

Sam doing a Samsung

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Going online and posting fake comments is not the done thing. Yet, that’s exactly what Mr Sam Cohen (or someone using his computer) has done. In October 2013, Samsung was fined US$340,000 by the Taiwan Fair Trade Commission for paying students to post favourable comments about its products, and for posting negative remarks about its competitor’s products.

This is an article about Sam Cohen posting fake testimonials. This article has been on hold for a long time, because I felt that Mr Cohen would protest his innocence if I could not prove my allegations. Apart from the phraseology that only Sam Cohen can dream up, I had to be sure that it was he who was responsible. So I launched my investigations, and after two years, and lots of money, my team was able to trace the article (featured below) to IHRB’s then IP address. So now, if Mr Cohen would like to protest his innocence, ask him to put it in writing, and to give me permission to publish his electronic traces which prove that here he (or someone using his computer) was big-noting his own company under the guise of a satisfied customer.

Mr Cohen tells everyone that I am fabricating words against him. Now he has been caught-out fabricating words designed to mislead the public. Which is not unlike a previous incident where it is alleged that he wrote to the Health Care Complaints Commission about his competitor Ashley & Martin. Mr Cohen seems to think that he can get others to do his dirty work. Which is why he has testimonials. He publishes people’s faces and photos and gets them to put their name to unverified claims, so that he can stand up at Hearings and say things like, ‘I never said that. It was someone else who said that’. He made similar statements, in writing, via his solicitor, to the Complaints Resolution Panel, arguing that he did not make any unverified or outlandish claims. He blames his deliriously satisfied customers. He tells the authorities that he cannot be held responsible for misleading the public if others have said those wonderful things about him or his products. Luckily, the Complaints Resolution Panel was having none of it. The Panel said that any statement made in an advertisement, no matter who makes it, is deemed to have been made by the advertiser. Yet, despite this ruling, Mr Cohen, while under Oath during a Tribunal Hearing, pointed the finger at his (deluded) satisfied customers whom he says had credited him with performing miracles.

Below is the text (spelling mistakes intact) from the glowing blog entry posted via Sam Cohen’s IHRB computer. You might wonder how I managed to track and trace it to his IP address, especially when his IP address had changed. It took a lot of work. However, the angels were smiling upon me because upon reviewing the various footage from the day the Police raided IHRB’s office, I finally worked out something that had hitherto escaped my notice. At first, it was all part of the blur; a man at IHRB’s office whom I had mistaken for one of the many Police Officers and Health Department Officials. Alas, I tracked his movements, hopped from one camera to the next along Pitt Street, until I discovered that he was Sam Cohen’s computer consultant. Bingo. A few enquiries, and searches in the archives of cyberspace (where many fingerprints linger), and ping! The IP and related addresses started to fall into place. Using old emails that Sam Cohen had sent to me and many others, we extracted the invisible headers, and we zeroed-in on IHRB’s entire protocols. Then bingo. All the nodes and connectors and addresses matched perfectly to the address used to post the fake entry below (you can see the original if you click here). Much like DNA can be useful at the scene of a crime, the Internet Protocols locked-in on Sam Cohen’s IHRB computer.

An excerpt from a blog entry that was 578 words.

An excerpt from a blog entry that was 578 words.

“I have not been asked to write on this subject or on any subject for that matter but I want you to know that there is a man who is more passionate and knowledgeable on the topic of hair loss, and moreso, on a program that he has founded to regrowing your own natural hair back. This is no lie. He has also taken an active stand on those falsely advertising their products. He offers a money back gaurantee.

“I personally have been suffering hair loss since the age of 24. I am 42 years old now but I have been fortunate enough to have kept much of my hair roots active as far as not having them all completely dead. So I am starting to see results after 5 months now under this hair re-growth program (at least this is what I call it).

“I had tried everything and I mean everything. From typing on the internet ‘hair loss’ and believing everything I read. And more to the point wanting to believe. I have paid a lot of money on products I was lead to believe would work and I spent small amounts of money on rediculous stories and concoctions. None of them worked although I believe some products did keep some of my hairs from completely being dead.

“I refer to products like propecia and the cheaper version, proscar that would have helped but no visible results. Also products like rogaine & regaine which contain minioxidil. These I assume helped becuase after all the years that I have been balding I am starting to see results using the hair re-growth program that I am writing about. Otherwise I cannot see how my hair would be regrowing because I have read that after 4 years (approx) your hair root is dead; means its gone to heaven and no comming back. But how can you be sure if it is dead. So do not wait for that to happen. Do something about it now. Some people on this program have been told by the founder that they have been balding too long for him to garauntee it will work and they have taken it upon themselves to go on the program although having been rejected and guess what??? some amazing results from them too; with photos and testimonials.

“Hair loss is depressing as too is thinking and wishing it will get better. It wont on its own and you do have to speak with the person I spoke to and get onto his program. Prior to me sppeaking with him I spoke to somone else I thought was knowledgeable in that area. The person was knowledgeable and paid them thousands of dollars; I’m refering laser treatment and all I got out of it was hope but no visible results.

“Please don’t sit there and do nothing. I know I had and when my hairloss was getting too noticeable I only then started to do something. On and Off but it was always looking worst. I know that this is the best program out there and it is working for me and it is for others.

“Site that I refer to is the Institute of Hair Regrowth & Beauty; you will find at (the results from this program is amazing). Please speak to the founder before spending your money elsewhere because I have not come across any products that works even remotely to this product and service.

The next day, on the 29th of November 2009, someone quickly posted this in protest. (Click here to see the original):

“(please be cautious of one on the internet referring to ancient recipe by an indian man…. i have been there with that one. And there is no specific measurement quantities referred to in respect to ingredients and therefore you cannot be sure if it does or does not work. It certainly did not work for me.”

Someone posted this in November 2009 on a blog. They might have been referring to Sam Cohen, who is Indian.

Someone posted this 29 November 2009 on a blog. They might have been referring to Sam Cohen, who is Indian.

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