Magistrate: Cohen shows continued disregard for the law

Magistrate: Cohen shows continued disregard for the law

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His Honour, Magistrate Michael Connell, showed no leniency towards Samuel Faraj Cohen who was involved in a multi-car collision on the M5 at Narwee on 9 November 2013 at 1:30 pm where Mr Cohen was charged with negligent driving.

Sutherland Local Court where Sam Cohen was convicted for negligent driving.

Sutherland Local Court where Sam Cohen was convicted for negligent driving.

Appearing at Sutherland Local Court on Tuesday 22 April 2014, Mr Cohen, the owner of the Institute of Hair Regrowth & Beauty, was accompanied by his solicitor. They first appeared in Court 6 where Senior Registrar Lance Templeton presided during the Mention, where the solicitor said that Mr Sam Cohen would plead guilty to negligent driving.

Sporting his famous wig, Mr Cohen was wearing his grey suit and light grey shirt, with a colour paisley tie. His (sneaker-style) shoes were black semi-casual slip-ons. His only jewellery was one gold ring. Unlike at other Court or Tribunal appearances where Mr Cohen would turn up using crutches while playing for sympathy, this time he walked solidly, albeit with his signature limp. Perhaps he dared not appear infirm, lest he arouse suspicion about whether or not he was fit to drive at all.

The Registrar transferred the case to Court 4 where the solicitor asked His Honour, Magistrate Michael Connell, to show some leniency when considering the verdict, in view of Mr Cohen’s guilty plea, notwithstanding that his client, said the solicitor, ‘Did not have a good driving record’.

Sam Cohen guilty of negligent driving at Narwee

I do not know why people think that if they plead guilty, they deserve some sort of discount (especially when they have a bad driving record). As if there is something heroic and honourable about admitting to one’s negligent driving. What’s the logic in that? If Mr Cohen were indeed sorry, he would not have let the matter drag-on from 9 November to 22 April. He would have taken it on the chin and paid the fine, instead of wasting the Court’s time (and that of SDRO’s and the prosecutor’s resources) and going down in the Court’s annals (criminal jurisdiction) as Regina v Samuel Faraj Cohen, case number 201400081834.

Magistrate Connell accuses Mr Sam Cohen of disregarding the lawIn trying his best for his client, the solicitor stood before His Honour, Magistrate Connell, and said that as a result of the accident, ‘Mr Cohen will, in future, keep a safe distance between his car and the car in front’.

In handing down his verdict, His Honour responded to the solicitor by saying, ‘He [Mr Cohen] does not have a good driving record and shows a continued disregard for the law…’

His honour levied the fine, whereupon the solicitor thanked the Magistrate, then he and Mr Cohen left at 11:00 am.

Sam Cohen of IHRB at Sutherland Court

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