$700k documentary to expose Government blunders relating to IHRB

$700k documentary to expose Government blunders relating to IHRB

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Jonar Nader’s publishing arm, Plutonium, has committed to the $700,000 initial funds required to produce a hard-hitting documentary about the driving force behind Sam Cohen’s IHRB: namely, State and Federal Government Departments that have allowed IHRB to slip through their fingers due to sloppy work and indifference.

Speaking at the launch function held at Hoyts Paris Cinema, and later, the contract-signing ceremony at Fox Studios, Jonar Nader said, ‘My story about Sam Cohen’s alleged scam, is half about Sam, and half about Commissions, Courts, Tribunals, Ministries, and the Officials who do not seem to be doing their job. Staff-turnover is often high. Ministers come and go. And Departments lack the power or the will to handle the likes of Sam Cohen in a swift and effective way.’

Jonar Nader added, ‘In this regard, I envy the Chinese Government’s system which immediately shuts-down a shonky operator. Whereas in Australia, injustice gallops as Departments suffer within their respective limitations; either due to legal hurdles, or down-right incompetence. BLUNDER will be a documentary that centres around IHRB and how Sam Cohen has been able to crash right through Prohibition Orders and Sanctions, at the expense of unsuspecting consumers.’

Documentary Filmmaker Joshua Marks has been appointed by Plutonium to produce BLUNDER. Joshua is an AFTRS graduate whose Fox Studio office sees him working with

Documentary Filmmaker Joshua Marks has been appointed by Plutonium to produce BLUNDER. Joshua is an AFTRS graduate whose Fox Studios office sees him working around the world on long- and short-form documentaries. Joshua has been working with Jonar on numerous projects.

Teaming up with documentary filmmaker Mr Joshua Marks, the $700,000 production budget will probe into the strengths and weaknesses of Officials and Departments who have let Sam Cohen mislead the public. Speaking to Channel Seven, Jonar said, ‘During legal Hearings, one is expected to swear an Oath. Having seen how Sam Cohen and his solicitor operate, I feel that it would be fairer to say, “I swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth… until my opponents start to lie, in which case, Your Honour, I reserve the right to let rip with juicy bald-faced lies of my own”.’

Jonar added, ‘I have witnessed the most amazing incompetence, indifference, and downright stupidity from Officers in senior Government positions who claim a tax-payer-funded salary every month, while they have the temerity to make the most bizarre of statements. I had a Fair Trading Chief-of-Staff tell me that IHRB’s clients are stupid for signing-up with Sam Cohen, and as such, if they get ripped-off, it’s their fault. I have heard Tribunal Members make the most pathetic statements, exposing the fact that they had not so much as read the opening paragraph, let alone the full submission.’

BLUNDER will show the twists and turns of how the system of government can permit Sam Cohen to get-away with an alleged scam that has affected thousands of clients to the tune of millions of dollars. Jonar explained, ‘As the Executive Producer, I expect that my legal team, as has happened with each and every one of my publications, will be kept busy, warding-off writs and threats, because this documentary will hold back nothing.’

In keeping with his blow-torch subtlety, to which his fans have grown accustomed via his public presentations and books (such as ‘How to Lose Friends and Infuriate People’), Jonar Nader is promising an explosive documentary that, he says, will revive the spirit of BBC’s ‘Yes Minister’ series, whereby ‘red faces’ will be the order of the day.

When HCCC executed the Search Warrant in July 2014, Jonar brought along his three-man camera crew, utilising broadcast quality equipment, to capture footage that will form part of the television-hour documentary.

Blunder crew in action


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