Very intimidating: Customer recalls the angry Sam Cohen

Very intimidating: Customer recalls the angry Sam Cohen

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Scars run deep for this former client who met Sam Cohen when he was a Director at the old Ashley & Martin 20 years ago. Jane Carson recalls being told by Mr Cohen that his own hair was real, only to later discover that he was wearing a wig! When Jane expressed dissatisfaction with her hair regrowth program, she was shown the door. Below is her story, unedited. All I did was highlight the startling sentences with coloured text.

3 December 2014

Hi Jonar, attached is my letter plus 2 reports. The first from 17 August 1995. As long as you hide my identity and use the pseudonym ‘Jane Carson’, you can do what you like with these reports. Below is my story.

My first contact with Ashley and Martin was in July 1995 through a simple phone call. This phone call was made in regards to their hair products, in particular their shampoos and conditioners that I wish to purchase. The person that I originally spoke to was Mr Sam Cohen. He suggested it would be beneficial to see him personally. An appointment was made at his office at 191 Clarence Street, Sydney.

During the first appointment with Mr Sam Cohen, I originally wanted to purchase Ashley & Martin hair products. But he strongly suggested that I should be put through a proper hair loss program, because through his observations and going by his 31 years experience as a consultant and as a result of him examining my hair and scalp by his fingers with his huge Liberace chunky rings as well as inappropriately smoking in his office at an interview with me where there was a full container of cigarette butts in his large crystal ashtray, he stated that in a few years I would severely go bald on top at the back of my head like a ‘bald monk’. He also said that I came in the right place and that $3,800 would be a great investment as well as me being in ‘good hands’ which he repeatedly used those words throughout my 2 and half year hair loss program with Ashley & Martin. Amongst other things, he took a picture of my scalp and cut a small piece of my hair at the back side of my head. He said he will send this hair sample to his doctors for a full examination and that I will be given a “Hair Trace Mineral Analysis Report” provided I paid him upfront and in full immediately. This initial $3,800 excluded numerous vitamin tablets and hair products. With regret I paid him in cash $3,800 and other additional external payments with cash.

Jane felt that this signature was nothing more than a fake 'unusual swirl'.

Jane felt that this signature was nothing more than a fake ‘unusual swirl’.

My first ‘Hair Trace Mineral Analysis Report’ was given to me on the 20th of July 1995. When Mr Sam Cohen signed my ‘Personal Hair Programme’ contract, the signature looked faked, it was just an unusual swirl. He also stated that this program will work for me and he further convinced me that his hair was ‘real hair’ as solid proof of Ashley & Martin’s services. [Incidentally, you can review some of Mr Cohen’s dozens of signatures at this link.]

One day I went in one of the rooms and found several pictures of Mr Sam Cohen with no hair, he was completely bald and there was one picture where he took a wig off from his head. I instantly felt I was duped!

This explained why he had a different hair style each time I saw him. It was due to his wigs. During the course of my hair loss program treatment he consistently complimented me on my appearance and stated that I was in ‘good hands’. At that time, he could sense my vulnerability and fragility. I was made to take about 8 bottles of different vitamin tablets before breakfast on a daily basis for 2 and half years. These bottles were costly. I also strongly felt that during and after my hair loss program treatment there was no difference. I did not regrow any hair.

At one time, I questioned my hair loss program to him; he subsequently became very aggressive and violent towards me and pointed at the door and stated, ‘If you are not happy, leave, this is where the door is!’ Mr Sam Cohen’s behaviour was very intimidating.

By the way, during the program, every time I went in for my hair and scalp treatment appointments, I felt that he was mocking me,  whereby he constantly pronounced my name in a disrespectful manner. I also witnessed on 2 different occasions, two male customers complaining and demanding a full refund. Mr Sam Cohen again became very hostile and aggressive towards these 2 men and they threatened Mr Sam Cohen that he will be reported. He eventually forced them out of the door and locked the glass door. These scenes were not pleasant and not professional at the front reception area of Ashely and Martin where other clients were waiting for their hair and scalp treatment. This was very poor customer service and very poor public image for the business.

Over a period of 2 and half years I had paid approximately in total $8,000. I have 2 ‘Hair Trace Mineral Analysis Reports’. One was given to me at the beginning of the program where he claims his doctors performed the examination of my hair sample, and a second given to me after my program finished, where another sample of my hair was examined. These two reports seemed to be identical word by word. The only change was the numeric result of my mineral analysis examination. I feel these two reports are false as well as fiction. I don’t feel a doctor was involved in these 2 hair analysis investigations. There is no doctor’s name, contact details or signatures.

Furthermore, years later and on a couple of occasions and to my surprise, I saw Mr Sam Cohen appearing on TV being interviewed by reporters after the normal 6.00 pm news, where he was questioned about his services and treatment of his customers in relation to their financial loss, health risks when utilising Mr Sam Cohen’s hair and scalp treatment services. Moreover, I googled Mr Sam Cohen on the internet and discovered such bad publicity and sad cases regarding his past clients being misled by his services as well as his work colleagues witnessing poor and unethical working practices and having poor and unacceptable working interactions with him. Initially, I resented Mr Sam Cohen for cheating and lying to me for many years. After viewing him on TV and googling him on the internet I have a very strong dislike of him as a result of his dishonesty, deceptive, unethical, inappropriate and deceiving conduct where he takes advantage of other people’s fragility and vulnerability. This man is a ‘Con-Artist’ and a ‘FAKE’! I hope he goes out of business and into prison for a long time where he can rot!

I hope Mr Sam Cohen gets his just desserts!

Jane Carson.

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