IHRB avoids digital fingerprints

IHRB avoids digital fingerprints

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It comes as no surprise that Sam Cohen of IHRB has removed his email address from his home-page and from his advertisements. It would be my guess that he is trying to avoid putting anything in writing, because it invariably comes back to bite him. Any legal battle with Sam Cohen comes down to ‘evidence’. As this website has shown, no two statements from Sam Cohen’s lips are consistent with each other. He has no moral compass when it comes to being honest with his clients or with the Authorities. He just blurts out whatever suits him at that moment in time.

When I came along and started to catalogue his litany of misinformation and lies, he began to see how unwise it is to lie. Instead of refraining from brazen untruths along with misleading and deceptive conduct, Mr Sam Cohen decided to find ways to limit my access to his lies. For example, in his submissions to various Departments and Authorities, he (and sometimes via his Solicitor) asked the Authorities to deny me access to the documents (which has not worked because after a lot of persistence, I am granted access to them). My analysis reveals that Mr Cohen has lied to every single Department about every single thing. Mr Cohen has shown complete disregard to HCCC, CRP, Fair Trading, NSW Police, CTTT, to name but a few (and not counting the lies he spins to his clients) all resulting in people being duped, conned, and scammed (and sometimes medically hurt).

The new ads by the Institute of Hair Regrowth and Beauty (which moved from Pitt Street Sydney to Renwick Street Leichhardt) no longer sport the email address, as we can see from the samples below.

I guess Mr Samuel Faraj Cohen simply does not want to leave any digital fingerprints behind. Past emails have been plaguing him. Where no records have been kept, he has been able to bamboozle clients; as he did with woman who told the Consumer, Trader and Tenancy Tribunal (CTTT) that Sam Cohen had told her that he was closing down, and as such, she should accept a small refund and go away. When she later discovered that this was a lie, she could not prove what Sam had told her, because nothing about this claim was in writing. This enabled Sam Cohen to walk out of CTTT a victorious man for whom lies have been paying off. From what I have witnessed of this shonky trader, he lies as a sort of gamble, as if saying, ‘I might as well give it a go’. If he can pull the wool over anyone’s eyes, he tries, on the basis that it just might pay off. Indeed, it has been paying off for almost ten years.

If you have anything to do with Sam Cohen of the Institute of Hair Regrowth and Beauty, you would be well advised to put everything in writing, because this is a case where ‘your trust in him’ ought to be measured by how far you can throw him.

8 OCTOBER 2012

Here we go again. On Monday 8 October, IHRB has once again removed the HCCC Prohibition warning. IHRB’s website must inform the public that IHRB is under Sanctions and under Health Care Complaints Commission Prohibition Orders. You can follow this saga if you click here.

This is a screen shot of IHRB’s website which shows that the warning regarding the HCCC Prohibition Orders has been removed.



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