IHRB caught illegally selling Minoxidil by peeling labels

IHRB caught illegally selling Minoxidil by peeling labels

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Sam Cohen of IHRB has been caught again. This time we have independent proof with perfect chain-of-custody evidence and fingerprints showing that Mr Cohen has been illegally selling Minoxidil by purchasing this retail product (shown above) manufactured by Generic Health Pty Ltd, and passing it off as his own secret formula. Mr Cohen is prohibited from supplying or selling such Scheduled products. Breaching his Permanent Prohibition Orders imposed on him by the Health Care Complaints Commission, Mr Cohen has directly and illegally sold this product.


Who needs the complexity of Nigerian email scams when all one has to do is purchase products at retail, peel their label, charge exorbitant prices, and con clients into thinking that one has invented the formula that can regrow hair, while lying to every Department, to the point of he and his solicitor convincing the Consumer Tribunal, that he is not doing this. Well dear reader, he is doing this. He has been doing this for decades. He has no hesitation lying while under Oath, and he has told everyone that since his Prohibition Order, he has not sold Minoxidil. We now have additional proof that Mr Cohen has sold Minoxidil, illegally, while scamming clients.

All along, I and other former IHRB clients have testified that he has sold Minoxidil. We have laboratory tests to prove this. In the past, Mr Cohen said during a Tribunal Hearing that if Laboratory tests prove that Minoxidil is found inside his bottles, then it would have been I who had placed it in their — accusing me of tampered with his bottles in order to incriminate him. Cheap words from Mr Cohen, who is a magnificent (and Convicted) liar. This latest round of Laboratory testing included bottles that never came within 1000 km of me. They went from him, with his fingerprints, inside his Australia Post mail bags that are serially numbered from his office, directly to the TGA Accredited Laboratory. I never clapped eyes on them. No third party was involved. No other client touched or saw the bottles. The bags went directly to the Lab, from Mr Cohen. As part of a sting operation, Mr Cohen was asked to send products to an address that he thought was a client’s address. He did not realise that the address was that of a TGA-Accredited Laboratory, poised to receive the bags. The Lab’s Managing Director approved the sting operation, and appointed its Senior Manager and its Lab Manger to both receive and handle and open the bags in each-other’s presence, while taking photos every step of the way, and recording their findings. The end result is that the bottles contained Minoxidil! This is a criminal offence on the part of Mr Cohen.

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What a great way to print money. Imagine going to a pharmacy, identifying good products that people need, then buying them, peeling the label off them, and selling them as they are, while saying that you had invented them. Pharmaceutical companies spend hundreds of millions of dollars to develop efficacious products. Mr Cohen simply peels the label and takes all the credit and lies about his supposedly secret formula which is nothing more than snake oil, that has nothing at all to do with hair regrowth, and at best, if it is ever injected into the bottles, is a hair dye to make hair appear darker. There is no better business. Peel the labels, and make money. Perfect.

No matter what Mr Cohen says he adds to these bottles, it is illegal to do so. No matter what his formula is, the TGA says that he cannot claim that it can regrow hair. On the left, we see a letter from Professor John Skerritt who is the National Manager of the TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) in Canberra. The letter says that the TGA Ordered IHRB to withdraw any representations that IHRB’s products ‘can aid in the regrowth of natural hair for those experiencing hair loss’. This means that IHRB cannot say it can regrow hair FULL STOP. Mr Cohen will say that he never said he can regrow hair on bald-heads etc. This sentence from the TGA’s Regulation 9 Orders does not mention on what kinds of heads. Bald or not bald, Professor Skettitt says that IHRB must not say that its products can regrow hair, full stop. And that’s because IHRB has no formula that can regrow hair. No such product has been Registered with the TGA. By Mr Cohen’s own admission while under Oath, no Clinical Trials had ever been conducted. Mr Cohen sells Minoxidil, which does work for some clients. That Minoxidil is available for as low as $7 per bottle on the market. Mr Cohen claims to be the hero behind the hair regrowth of his clients — some of whom do regrow their hair, thanks to regular Minoxidil (plus some other market-ready medications (Finasteride & Loniten) in some cases) but certainly nothing whatsoever to do with any supposed secret formula. Minoxidil does work for some clients. They can buy it online for $7 per month. For one year, that comes to $7 x 12 = $84. So why does Mr Cohen charge $4,900 as part of his contract, while selling the product illegally, and thereafter at up to $900 per bottle?

Take note of the third bullet point in Professor Skerritt’s letter. It says that Mr Cohen has been Ordered under regulation 9 to withdraw any representations that the advertised goods can block ‘the balding gene’, or that the advertised ‘natural and herbal’ goods can help people with genetic baldness to regrow their own natural hair.


This is the end of the road for Mr Cohen. This latest round of evidence-gathering opens the way to a whole range of prosecutions, ranging from allegations of scamming, conning, breaching, illegally selling, and lying while under Oath. After five years of herding the cats that scatter every-which-way, we now begin. This is the beginning. We now have all the evidence to start the real serious legal proceedings involving barristers and courts.

If you thought that this consumer protection campaign has been energetic and arduous, then you ‘aint seen nothing yet’. The raft of tactics that will emerge within the next few months will expose Sam Cohen for what he is. The merry hell that IHRB clients have had to endure, will soon be exposed, showing why and how injustice has been allowed to gallop. Soon, it will all come to a head. That brick wall of which I have been warning, is getting alarmingly closer!

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