Over 40,000 likes for IHRB saga

Over 40,000 likes for IHRB saga

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One advertising campaign on Facebook netted 23,804 likes relating to the alleged scam at IHRB and Sam Cohen’s misconduct as exposed by the Health Care Complaints Commission and the Therapeutic Goods Administration. This high hit-rate brings the total ‘likes’ to over 40,000 on various Facebook pages dedicated to exposing Sam Cohen and IHRB.

One recent set of ads resulted in 12,320,951 impressions, leading to 130,389 clicks. This does not even take into account any LinkedIn ads nor Google AdWords.

IHRB Facebook clicks at 11 April 2013-2

The idea for advertising started when NewsCorp refused to publish our ads, designed to warn the public about our allegations about IHRB. NewsCorp had decided to ignore the laws of the land in relation to the publication of therapeutic goods, choosing in stead to bow to Sam Cohen’s almighty advertising dollar. So we decided to use other media. Facebook, Twitter, and Jonar Nader’s own series of extensive and wide-reaching web sites, LinkedIn, and Google AdWords did the trick, at high expense. However, these were a drop in the ocean in terms of the overall costs of running this campaign that has entered it fourth year.

These click-rates and hit-rates, along with the 1.5 million clicks to the IHRB-Story website, and the millions of clicks generated by search engines feeding results to the public interested in Sam Cohen and IHRB, show how much interest there is in Sam Cohen and his company. Sadly, many people who contact us are just way too embarrassed to want their name published. For some strange reason, people do not want their friends or family to know that they had sought help about their hair (perhaps fearing perceived vanity) and they do not like it to be known that they had exposed themselves to an alleged scam.

Whatever the reasons, the general public, male and female, is following this saga, because they are curious to know how someone like Sam Cohen can continue to operate IHRB when he has been exposed on so many fronts by so many Government departments.


These campaigns provide an excellent avenue for people to come forward with their details and their stories. Some send us samples, products, bottles, letters, contracts, and other information that to them might seem insignificant, but to us, are a goldmine. Friends tell friends, and the stories surface, thereby enabling us to keep the Authorities well furnished with material and evidence.

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