1.5 million views for IHRB Story

1.5 million views for IHRB Story

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Jonar Nader’s website designed to expose the alleged scam at IHRB and its owner Sam Cohen has reached over 1.5 million views. It is rapidly growing, as interest in Sam Cohen’s and IHRB’s misconduct has amassed a large following, including aggrieved former clients, staff, associates, suppliers, and former friends who have been sharing updates with their friends using social media. Some of the people who have spoken-out had first met (or locked horns with) Mr Cohen when he had worked at Ashley & Martin. It seems that Mr Cohen had made quite an impression on many people who, to this day, harbour some sort of angst about how they felt he had treated (or allegedly mistreated) them.

[UPDATE: The views have now exceeded two million. Click here for the updated figure.]

A snapshot of the WordPress statistics below shows that each week, more than 50,000 views are conducted on the site at www.IHRB-Story.com. Some weeks we see the hits overshoot the 100,000 mark. After major news events, such as announcements about IHRB’s Sanctions and HCCC Prohibition Orders or when IHRB was exposed on TV, and recently when the TGA issued IHRB with a Regulation 9 Order, we saw heightened activities. The best ever figure of 54,317 views relates to views per DAY. That’s a lot of activity in one day, generated by people who feel let down by IHRB or who read about IHRB in a Department’s Annual Report or in the newspapers etc. Whenever we see a spike in activity, we search the internet ourselves and discover some new report or legal update pertaining to Mr Sam Cohen and/or IHRB and its misconduct.

IHRB story stats at 11 April 2014

The majority of the hits come from internet search terms (a sample shown below) of people searching Google and similar sites for certain words of interest such as ‘sam cohen scam’, ‘exposing sam cohen’, and ‘ihrb scam’. People have a ‘feeling’ that IHRB is a scam and so they go searching the net to see what they can find out. Search terms are an interesting insight into people’s minds and what they are thinking. Incidentally, these figures do not include the two million or more hits that have been generated at other related sites, such as Jonar Nader’s personal blog at Logictivity.com/blog or the various Facebook pages (including those dedicated to IHRB and Tribunal-related events) and specialist sites and blogs such as the Internet Hair Rip-off Blog (IHRB.com.au).

Some of the search terms that people enter into Google, Bing, Yahoo, and similar search engines, which result in redirections to IHRB-Story.com

Some of the search terms that people enter into Google, Bing, Yahoo, and similar search engines, which result in redirections to IHRB-Story.com

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Unlike most websites, IHRB-Story.com does not allow comments to be published by strangers. This editorial policy was implemented to protect the public in case victims accidentally leave a private or sensitive comment for the moderator, not realising that the comment is published publicly. To provide maximum confidentiality, all comments go to the moderator and none is published (within a post or in reports to Government Authorities) unless permission is later sought from the writer.

This policy has served us well, because people have felt confident that they can share their stories, without fear of  divulging their secrets or private matters. This level of protection has meant that we have received hundreds of leads and tip-offs and very secret and private information from clients and former staff and/or associates of IHRB and Samuel Cohen and his former co-director. We have some amazing material that has been scanned and archived in multiple locations for security reasons. In fact, our material is so extensive that we have had to upgrade our server to cope with the hits, downloads, and traffic.

This site has had its fair share of people who write in desperation, wanting to learn about their rights and recourse against Sam Cohen (and IHRB and its supposed money-back guarantee). We always advise people to seek professional legal help, because we cannot provide any legal or medical advice to them. Five or so of the hundreds of writers have defended Sam Cohen. However, none has ever taken us up on our offer to interview them and give them their say. We invite them to record an unedited radio interview, whereby they can have their say on air, so long as they have a civilised discussion with us. Not one of them has wanted to come out form behind their weird Hotmail and Gmail accounts that we suspect were especially created just to write to tell us that they think Sam is a good bloke, and that we are being unfair on him. We guess every publication and website has its crooks. We are pleased to say that we have captured their details, down to their IP address, and these have been logged for the Police, in case any of them become unruly.


The website seems extensive. People are amazed at the level of detail. Sadly, what is published at IHRB-Story is not even a third of all the data we have on file about Sam Cohen and IHRB’s operation. We have a lot of sensitive data, files, letters, photos, tapes, recordings, videos, and damning evidence and surveillance that we simply cannot publish here, either for legal reasons or for strategic reasons. We keep a lot hidden, just so that we can tackle the alleged lies as-and-when it is strategically sound to forward the material to the Authorities.


Some people have asked us why we do not walk away from this saga. In response to this, Mr Jonar Nader has said, ‘I have very much wanted to walk away from this time-consuming endeavour. I say to myself, “Perhaps after this event, or after that Sanction, or after this Order, Mr Cohen might straighten-up and fly right; and if he shows any signs of treating people fairly, and if he shows any respect to his aggrieved clients, and if he stops acting illegally and stops harming people, and if he stops lying…” Alas, I am disappointed at every turn. I have seen nothing but a super-steep line, heading up the graph of recalcitrance. Mr Cohen has not shown a single shred of respect. His victims are incensed at what they allege (and I have personally experienced) are dirty tactics that include endless lies, fabricated evidence, and rudeness beyond belief. Given the huge number of people who are affected by IHRB’s alleged scam, and Mr Cohen’s tactics and cheek, I simply cannot find the opportunity to stop this campaign. I allege that every single IHRB client has been scammed. Even those who are happy that their hair has grown back, are not aware that they, too, have been allegedly scammed, because they do not realise that their hair grew back thanks to $15 Minoxidil (and thanks to market ready products), and NOT due to Sam Cohen’s exorbitantly-priced (some paying over $10,000) supposed secret Indian Curries and unproven non-existent “intellectual property”. The TGA has Ordered IHRB to stop saying that it can grow people’s hair. The TGA knows what it is doing.’ You can read about TGA’s Regulation 9 Order here.


These figures exclude our staff activities on this site, because that is the way that WordPress has been designed. When any of our staff members are using this site for whatever reason, our clicks are not counted, because our IP address is logged with this site. This is a feature of WordPress.




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