Another day, another breach

Another day, another breach

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Why does Sam Cohen of IHRB continue to breach Orders and break Advertising Codes? Dead simple. He has no alternative. If he were to tell the truth, he could not make money. His business is no business at all. If he published the truth, he would have nothing to sell. If he complied with the Permanent Prohibition Order that the HCCC slapped upon him and his business, he would have nothing to advertise. If he obeyed the Sanctions placed upon him by the Complaints Resolution Panel, his ads would be so boring, as to no longer require the full page of space, as we see below, being a full page ad, the front page, of ‘Oz Weekly’.

This ad was published 5 November 2011 in ‘Oz Weekly’ which boasts a circulation of 24,000 nationally. Published every Friday, it is distributed for free at 350 selected outlets as well as inserted into the Saturday edition of the ‘Daily Chinese Herald’ as a supplement. This IHRB ad breaks so many rules, that it points to the real character of the man running this alleged scam. This ad DOES NOT mention, as is required by law, the fact that IHRB and Sam Cohen are BOTH under a Permanent Prohibition Order. Part of the conditions of the Prohibition Order is that he tells people about it when he advertises and when he meets them. He is doing neither. This ad does not reference it. And when he does mention it to anyone in emails or letters, he says something slimy like the HCCC has imposed those rules upon all operators in the hair regrowth industry. Rubbish. Indeed, the law applies to all people. Every person in this country is not permitted to kill anyone. I am not permitted to kill anyone. Yet, I do not have a special letter from the Queen, saying that I am not permitted to kill anyone. Similarly, no one is permitted to break the law, as Sam Cohen did, in relation to the handling of non-approved and scheduled medications. Sam Cohen was found guilty. So he was served with a Prohibition Order. He (not the industry) was served with the Order. He was breaking the law and endangering people’s lives. He was lying to his clients, as he lied to me. So now that he has been issued with an Order, he makes out that everyone in the industry has somehow been roped in. No, everyone in the industry was not raided and found in possession of scheduled medications. He was! For Mr Cohen to suggest that the rest of the industry has to operate in this way, is like me killing ten people, receiving a letter from the Queen prohibiting me from killing anyone, and me making light of the letter by saying, ‘That letter does not mean much really, and should not affect you in any way, and I am as honest as they come, because that silly letter really applies to all people, so it is nothing special, you can ignore it because everyone in this country is not allowed to kill anyone, so why are they sending me such silly letters from Buckingham Palace? The only reason I got that letter was due to some silly man called Jonar who came to me, determined to ruin my business.’

Not only does this Chinese ad deviously and illegally omit the terms of the HCCC Prohibition Order, it includes testimonials from four doctors. This is not permitted. It’s against the law. Full stop. Sam Cohen knows this. But he does not care. He will continue to lie and cheat, because money is lovely — and the authorities just keep on giving him more rope.

The fourth testimonials in Chinese is the misleading one that I had already noted in this separate article. Read and weep.

No respect for anything or anyone. True to form. He will keep on breaking every rule. When the authorities catch him, he will blame the Chinese interpreters or translators or the publishers or the advertising rep or Jonar or Bill Clinton or Ossama Bin Ladin or the computer or the Internet. Each time, he gets away with it, while poor clients are scammed out of thousands and thousands of dollars, so that he can earn money for nothing at all. Money for nothing at all. Wow, that must be so satisfying to make a living selling nothing at all. Nothing at all.

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