IHRB’s shrinking website is still in breach of TGA Orders

IHRB’s shrinking website is still in breach of TGA Orders

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Once upon a time, IHRB’s website was voluminous. Page after page of diatribe. Eventually, the Authorities Ordered Mr Sam Cohen to remove his ‘unlawful, misleading and unverified’ claims. Via his solicitor, Mr Cohen wrote to the TGA, protesting his innocence, asking the TGA to specifically prove where and how he has been found guilty. In response to one of the specific questions, the TGA wrote to say that even if IHRB does not explicitly say a certain word (because Mr Cohen is very clever with how he says certain things) the “implications” of the words still matter. As such, the TGA agreed with the Decision of the Complaints Resolution Panel, that IHRB’s advertising was “unlawful, misleading and unverified”.

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An email to IHRB’s solicitor, wherein the TGA says that IHRB’s advertisements were found to be ‘unlawful, misleading and unverified’ many times over; and that even when certain words are not used, their implication is taken into account!


The questions and protests kept going back and forth to the TGA, while IHRB refused to answer some of the TGA’s letters. In the end, the TGA got fed up with IHRB’s endless, useless protests. The email below shows how the TGA asked IHRB’s solicitor to stop writing to the Delegate. The stern email said, ‘…the delegate does not intend to respond any further in relation to the other matters you raised including “clarification of where the offending items appear”…’

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The TGA tells IHRB’s solicitor to stop asking certain questions because the TGA is fed up with the endless protests. The TGA wanted IHRB to comply with the Sanctions which were later set in concrete via an enforceable Regulation 9 Order!


Bit by bit, and reluctantly, IHRB has been removing the offending material from its website. These included a large quantity of photos, client testimonials, claims, assertions, and promises that were UNLAWFUL, MISLEADING, and UNVERIFIED.

The problem is that IHRB is, to this day (12 March 2015) in breach of the Sanctions and the TGA Regulation 9 Order. Despite the shrinking website, IHRB is still in breach on many counts, and for many reasons. And IHRB’s website contains numerous lies. By way of example, below we see a snapshot of the site’s front page as at 12 March 2015. As at this date, IHRB is 3 years and 128 days in breach of CRP Sanctions, and 383 days in breach of TGA’s Orders.

Sam Cohen Website still in breach of TGA Orders

Above, I underlined one of the many reasons that Mr Cohen is still illegally breaching the Regulation 9 Order. We see that Mr Cohen is still telling people that his products include ‘Intellectual Property’. He used to refer to these as his ‘Indian Curries’. He tells clients that his products are the best, and that everything else on the market is ‘a flash in the pan’, because his secret natural and herbal extracts are the reasons that he has achieved remarkable results for thousands of clients. My dear reader, all that Mr Cohen has been selling, and why some of his clients have indeed enjoyed some hair regrowth, is Minoxidil at varying strengths. He has also sold Loniten and Finasteride. All these products he has sold illegally. And despite Prohibition Orders that tell him that he must not ‘obtain’ or ‘sell’ or ‘supply’ such products, and despite his protests of innocence, he was raided for a second time by the Health Care Complaints Commission in July 2014, and the HCCC found that Mr Samuel Faraj Cohen had indeed breached the Prohibition Orders!

IHRB’s website remains in breach. He cannot say that his Intellectual Property has anything to do with hair regrowth. He cannot obtain, supply, or sell any Scheduled medications.

The National Manager of the TGA, Professor John Skerritt said in a letter that IHRB and Mr Cohen must withdraw any representations that the advertised natural and herbal goods (meaning the Intellectual Property) can regrow hair!

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Letter from National Manager of the TGA clearly stating that IHRB cannot say that its natural herbal goods can regrow hair!

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