IHRB is not licenced to sell

IHRB is not licenced to sell

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Around the world, innocent consumers have suffered at the hands of liars and cheats. So much so, that we have complex laws to protect the rights and health of consumers. Given half a chance, con-men will scam their own mother, just to grab an advantage. In Australia, we are world-leaders in caring about each other, so that we can keep the wolves at bay. The system is not bulletproof. Many will try their luck, and some will get away with murder.

Our orderly society has rules because we need rules. Otherwise, the meek, hardworking citizens will be abused by selfish people who simply do not care about anyone or anything. One such rule relates to the management of medications: who can make them, who can sell them, who can use them.

The laws are in place for very good reasons. Those who can sell poisons and therapeutic goods are legislated under the ‘Poisons and¬†Therapeutic Goods Regulation 2008’. A person who is not a pharmacist, cannot sell Schedule-2 products unless they have a licence. Sam Cohen is selling Minoxidil, which is also classified as a ‘poison’, yet his name does not appear on the current list of persons holding a licence to sell such poisons.

Minoxidil, which is the basis of his phantom ‘Topical Solution’ is a ‘Pharmacy only’ product. So how can Sam Cohen and IHRB sell it? Who knows? These and many other questions are being asked. Why and how can Sam Cohen ignore the rules? If he is permitted to sell Minoxidil, as he sold them to me (12 bottles plus some shampoo and herbal tablets) for $3700, then I would welcome his explanation. But he does not have to answer to me. Higher authorities will be asking him this question.

To download a copy of the current list of licence holders, click here. This list is from the NSW Health Department, obtained 24 February 2010. You will note that neither Mr Cohen nor his hair loss or hair regrowth company are listed. I looked under I.H.R.B and under IHRB and under ‘Institute of Hair Regrowth & Beauty’ and under his post code of 105 Pitt Street Sydney 2000, and under Samuel (Faraj) Cohen Hair and Sam Cohen Hair etc, and I could not find him personally or as a company. I looked under his Leichhardt address and his old Gladesville address, and still nothing.

Beyond these questions, we need to ask which pharmacist/s are providing him with his medications. On what basis is he and his pharmacist/s breaking the rules and laws in relation to patient care?

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