Pity the Vietnamese reader

Pity the Vietnamese reader

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Any advertiser needs to assess the return-on-investment. The common questions is, ‘If I place an ad in this publications, would it pay for itself, and would I make a profit from this investment?’ In the case of IHRB, who places ads all over the place in many different languages, in large and small publications, the answer is always simple because the profit-margin is so massive. IHRB charges so much money for its useless products, that all it needs is one gullible consumer to sign-up in order to make the investment worthwhile.

Sam Cohen is now placing ads that say, ‘After 40 years of research…’. What nonsense! Sam Cohen has never spent a single cent on research. If any reputable company says this, we would imagine millions, if not billions, of dollars being spent by dozens of scientists in white lab-coats. Neither Apple nor Google can boast about having spent 40 years of research. Sam Cohen and IHRB have conducted no research, apart from surfing the net and working out which dangerous non-approve medications have been known to cause hair growth as an undesirable by-product of their use. He worked out that very dangerous products like Loniten, which have nothing to do with the treatment of hair, causes most of the heart-patients to experience ghastly and unwanted hair-growth on any part of their body. Sam Cohen was selling Loniten to clients who never had a prescription. Hence the Police raid and the Permanent Prohibition Order. Besides, with or without a prescription, it was illegal for him to sell any medications. And with or without a prescription, Loniten is specifically not approved for hair growth. Besides, it is only a few dollars to buy, so why does he charge thousands of dollars and pretends that his treatment is some super secret that contains his phantom Indian Curries and non-existent herbal extracts? In my opinion, it’s all one con-job with verbal smoke-and-mirrors that would be award-winning if awards were ever given to scam-artists who really dazzle with endless lies that scatter the logic. Sam Cohen’s irreverent (and irrelevant) logic looks to me like someone throwing a bucket-full of glass marbles downhill. The marbles (as in his potentially award-winning slimy brilliant clever horrible logic) scatter all over the place, that we are never able to finish one sentence before another marble come whizzing past to change the subject again and again until no question is ever answered, and all questions are smothered with a thick gooey layer of indignation and a protest made in self-pity as if the world is against Sam Cohen — the innocent scientist who claims to have done us all a favour by dedicated 40 years of his life to research. A friend of mine likened the marble-analogy to herding cats. I did laugh!

Below we see the ads in Vietnamese. There are ads out there in many exotic languages, and each and every single one of them is unlawful, misleading, and unverified, and breaches the Therapeutic Goods Advertising Code. You can read about the Complaints Resolution Panel’s Determination that found that the ads are guilty of a neat dozen breaches. Pity any reader. I was one of the readers who was tricked and misled by one of the ads that was Sanctioned in 2008. And now we have fresh new sanctions as at 16 November 2011. (If you would like high-resolution copies of these Vietnamese ads, please click here to download the 14 Mb PDF.)

In this ad above which was featured on the back-page of the magazine, and in the ad below, which was on the inside front-cover, we note that Mr Sam Cohen was telling everyone about me. He mentioned me by name in all his ads, including in ‘The Daily Telegraph’, ‘Nine to Five Magazine’, ‘Negotiator Magazine’, and other foreign-language newspapers such as Chinese and Thai. I responded to his allegations in a special article which you can read about here.


Below is yet another version, showing how desperately Mr Cohen was trying to explain what he does at the Institute of Hair Regrowth & Beauty.


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