Poison found in IHRB’s bottles

Poison found in IHRB’s bottles

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An independent TGA-Accredited laboratory found that Sam Cohen’s topical solution contained a Schedule 2 Poison, which is a medication that Sam Cohen of IHRB is forbidden from supplying or selling.

Mr Cohen has insisted that he has not breached the Prohibition Order which was slapped on him by the Health Care Complaints Commission. The Order forbids Mr Cohen from selling or supplying Minoxidil. Yet, in a laboratory test of his bottles, Minoxidil was found. These were bottles that were sold directly by Mr Cohen. The bottles arrived completely blank, without any name or label on them.

Minoxidil is a Schedule 2 Poison (which is a Pharmacy Only medication) which Mr Cohen is not licensed to sell or supply. The HCCC Commissioner found that IHRB and Mr Cohen had ‘endangered the health and safety of his clients’. Minoxidil can be purchased for as low as $7 per bottle, yet Mr Cohen sells it for $200 (and up to $900) per bottle, while claiming that his topical solution contains his secret natural extracts (after charging up to $4,900 to sign-up his clients). What a rip-off.


Minoxidil works well for many (not all) people who wish to regrow their hair. Mr Cohen is selling Minoxidil because, if he were to cease this habit of a lifetime, his clients would see no hair regrowth, and they would stop buying his bottles. Sadly, Mr Cohen claims that the topical solution which he personally sells do not contain Minoxidil. He says that they contain Activance along with is exclusive secret natural extracts. I allege that these extracts do not exist. Two pharmacists said that they had agreed to add something to their bottles, but later found that the secret formula was dubious and they never used it. The third pharmacist said he has never added any such things to the Minoxidil (and now Mr Cohen is calling them all liars). So all his clients have been receiving plain Minoxidil (some with Retin-A added). His pharmacists have all said that the secret formula was never used. If Mr Cohen will insist that he does have a formula, ask him to prove that it is efficacious and that it is therapeutic with active ingredients. He will refuse, saying that KFC does not reveal it’s secret herbs and spices. Well, dear reader, KFC is not governed by the TGA which requires that therapeutic goods have the ingredients listed on the labels, and that the medications must be tested and proved to be efficacious. Mr Cohen has never furnished any such thing, because he has no such thing. It is a pack of lies. The secret formula, if anything, is, I think, hair dye which makes hair darker, because Minoxidil, if it works, can grow very fine baby hair, and this is usually colourless, so Mr Cohen wants people to dye their hair. That’s it mate! Now Mr Cohen says that his pharmacists are lying. And now he says that he is selling a non-Minoxidil formula to which he personally adds his secret rubbish. But that does not grow hair. He has never proved that it can. I have maintained that he just sells Minoxidil, which would be a criminal offence if he so did. The laboratory results now prove that he has breached the Prohibition Orders! The lab tests show the facts! Not Activance. Just Minoxidil which anyone could have purchased at $7 per bottle! Once again, the chorus must sing, “What a rip-off mate!’

Using an analogy, it goes like this: Supposing that there are some people who have no idea that Viagra exists. A con-man who has no medical qualifications claims to be able to help people with erectile dysfunction. He purchases Viagra (or the main ingredient Sildenafil) and crushes the tablets and sells them at 55 times the market price. When clients eventually work out that they are being sold Viagra, they ask the con-man, ‘Hey all you are selling me is what I can buy from the market at a fraction of the price.’ To which the con-man replies, ‘No. My powder has very special additives that I invented that make the powder work wonders. Without it, you will not see any decent results.’

In a similar way, Mr Cohen sells Minoxidil, yet claims to have his own secret natural extracts which he has never proved exist. He bamboozles people with his delightful stories about HCCC saying that he has such a formula. It is all, as they say, BULL. To listen to him, you could laugh your head off. He is a masterful quixotic story-teller. This website explains each of his wild claims, so plough through the saga and it all becomes evident.

So now we have the proof from the laboratory. The test cost me over $680 to conduct via Biotest Laboratories. Of course it would be convent for Mr Cohen to tell people that I had tampered with the bottles. Yes, what else would you expect Mr Samuel Faraj Cohen to say? Eventually, it will all come out, because there are several clients who currently hold un-opened bottles in un-opened bags which will be handed to the Police in due course — fingerprints and all.

As I keep saying, Mr Cohen’s disrespect towards me and his clients has been unabated. There will come a time when someone will be eating humble pie (and perhaps in a prison cell). Just you wait! (As for those who are helping him… they will be called to account.)

This is the result from a bottle sold to Client A. It shows that it did contain Minoxidil.

This is the result from a bottle sold to Client B. It shows that it did contain Minoxidil.

This bottle was used as a ‘control’. It does not belong to IHRB. It was purchased from a chemist. It is a commercial product make by Johnson & Johnson, called Regaine. It was used to compare how the test detects Minoxidil.


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