Sam Cohen to sue Channel 7

Sam Cohen to sue Channel 7

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Ever defiant, Mr Sam Cohen of IHRB says that he will sue my ‘arse off’ and that he will ‘sue Channel 7 for loss of income’ after top-rating show ‘Today Tonight‘ filed a story about him. Sam Cohen said that Channel 7 had no right to tell the public that the Institute of Hair Regrowth & Beauty has been shut down. Well, this is selective hearing on the part of Mr Cohen. What seasoned reporter Mr David Richardson actually said, which Sam could have verified if he opened his ears to listen to the TV segment that shamed him, was, ‘The Health Department has now banned the institute from dispensing any prescription drugs and issued a national health warning. Health Complaints Investigators are now also involved. Sam Cohen says he will fight on.’

That is perfectly true and correct. Today Tonight did a great job at reporting the facts. Sam Cohen’s business must be suffering a little. So he needs someone to blame. He can’t fathom the idea that the reason his business might be suffering is due to the fact that he sells snake-oil, or that his ENTIRE operation from (top to bottom) is a sham and an illegal business that breaks every law and every code of every aspect of every part of running an ethical, honest business. No, he needs to pin the blame on someone else. It is not within Mr Cohen’s DNA to accept any responsibility for his own actions. He seems to truly believe that nothing he does has anything to do with what happens to him. I suppose there must be a medical term for this mental ailment. He can’t understand that his business is over. The Heath Care Complaints Commission has slapped him with a Permanent Prohibition Order. Instead of thanking his lucky stars that he is not behind bars, he presses-on with vulgar language to rationalise and justify his illegal operation.

He said he would fight-on, and now he is telling clients that he will fight the Prohibition Order. The Police Raid caught him with the illegal goods. The six-month in-depth investigation proved that his operation endangers people’s lives and that he was illegally handling non-approved dangerous drugs. The whole IHRB business is a scam and has been hurting and harming people and lying and misleading them for nine years, taking thousands upon thousands of dollars while lying to customers and putting their health at risk.

Anyway, I spoke with a legal officer at Channel 7, and they are poised and ready for Mr Sam Cohen. The Prohibition Order forbids IHRB from placing ads unless those ads display the terms of the Order. But Mr Cohen might not like that idea, and that is why he has curbed his prolific ads [Update: new ads appeared in June 2011]. Besides, his beloved ‘Nine to Five’ magazine is no longer in print. Fewer ads means fewer victims which equals to less money coming in. My oh my, he had a lucrative enterprise. Cash gushing in like you would not believe. He must be spitting chips that he went too far. Had he have honoured his guarantee, fewer people who have spotted the scam. If only he had kept a tight reign on his greed, he could have still been in business with the most stunning con-trick that netted him untold wealth. As Del Trotter from Trotter’s Independent Traders would say, he had a nice little earner!

Apart from fewer ads, more Compounding Pharmacists are now aware of Mr Cohen’s illegal practice, and he will soon find it even harder to con a pharmacist to play ball after reports started to appear in medical journals like ‘Medical Observer‘ and ‘Australian Doctor‘.

I do believe him when he says that he will fight on. But to me, that just means that he will play on, and do whatever he has to do, under the table, in the back room, behind a bike shed, but he will carry on, regardless. That, I do believe!

P.S. IHRB is the name of the Institute of Hair Regrowth and Beauty run by Sam Cohen (Samuel Faraj Cohen) of 105 Pitt Street Sydney. It is also written as Institute of Hair Regrowth & Beauty or Institute of Hair Re-growth & Beauty and the company purports offers hairloss (hair loss) and hair growth treatments.

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