Sam Cohen’s quotable quotes

Sam Cohen’s quotable quotes

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Everyone who knows Sam Cohen of IHRB will tell you that he is a super salesman. I think so too, except that anyone can sell ice to the Eskimos if: truth were discarded; ethics were abandoned; irresponsibility were the order of the day; and if the law did not matter. It would go something like this, ‘My ice contains vitamins and minerals you can’t find anywhere else. Every client of mine who has used my ice has lived to a ripe old age of 215. My ice is lighter, better, approved by the FDA and TGA to make your sex drive superior, and it improves your eyesight, and my ice will never melt, and it is bullet-proof. And it is warm in winter and cool in the summer. Hog wash indeed! Sadly, when there are no limits to what you can say, and when testimonials are furnished by ignorant clients (for whom the testimonials are crafted by Sam), innocent customers like me are lured. In my opinion, such lies transform a salesman into a con artist with a lucrative scam.

Here are some of the statements made by Sam (Samuel Faraj) Cohen of the Institute of Hair Regrowth & Beauty of Sydney. He made these statements to me. In speaking with many other victims about the alleged IHRB Scam, it appears that these statements have been rolling off Sam’s tongue for decades.


‘Doctors know nothing about hair. I’ll stand up and tell this to all the world. The biggest donkeys about hair are doctors. When you talk to them about hair, they will say, Upjohn says use Regain, Merck Sharpe & Dohme said take Propecia. That’s all they know.’


‘I started the Proscar business about 24 years ago. I heard about this drug for prostate which can act as a DHT blocker.’


‘Bullshit, you don’t have to be so accurate, so long as you take so many milligrams in one week or every 10 days. They’re hopeless. You know how many doctors come here? Recently I had a surgeon and his son. A surgeon. And he’s prescribes Proscar and Loniten for himself.’ [Sam showed me the full confidential files of that Doctor whom I later contacted.]


‘You see, Loniten is for blood pressure. So when people’s blood pressure is high, they put you on 20, 15, 20 mg. At that rate, daily, if you check the MIMS, you can get heart palpitations and fluid around the lungs. But God, not with 5 mg. But if any doctor says this is harmful, they have to be nut cases because 24, 25 years now this has been approved by the TGA and FDA as an aid for improving your hair. 5 mg of this; bugger all will happen.’

At another meeting, I challenged Sam about the use of Loniten, and he said, ‘They will say you can get heart palpitations and you can get fluid around the lungs. But that can happen only when you are taking 20, 25 mg a day to keep your blood pressure normal. Not at 5 mg?’ While companies go to great lengths to tell clients about the dangers of certain medications, here was Sam Cohen saying that Loniten at low dosages was absolutely safe.


‘Of course it’s approved for hair.’ [This is another of Sam’s irresponsible, culpable lies. Loniten is not approved for Hair, and the manufacturer says not to use it for hair.]


‘There’s no magic with hair. You’ve got to do everything full blast for at least three years.’ [Sam Cohen was suggesting that I should have used Minoxidil, Retin-A, Propecia, and Loniten at full blast in high dosages. All the medical advice says NOT to do this.]


‘I’m the only man in the world that guarantees to grow more hair. Only man in the world.’ [Of course it is my opinion that Sam’s guarantee is a sham, a scam, and a lie and he never refunds money unless he is dragged thorough the legal system or is shown to be in breach of the law. A shonky lie indeed. Mind you, a client would be lucky to win any legal challenge because it has been my extensive experience that Sam lies, fabricates documents, and will stop at nothing to suggest that he never promised a guarantee, despite it being promised in every single advertisement and on every piece of paper that comes out of his IHRB office.]


‘I’ve given Leimo the Jewish Roger. They said they will grow hair with laser. Thanks to me, they had to stop, withdraw, retract their advertisement. And Clive Clinics had to close and go to Melbourne. I’m nasty. I’m starting a Class Action against Advanced Hair Studios. I’m collecting customers. Thanks to me they started a Class Action in England, you know that, against them?’


‘I’ve done a long term study. 39 year’s study. I’m holding up.’ So I told Sam that my Doctor said that no research existed to prove that 5 mg of Loniten actually helps hair to grow, and Sam replied, ‘Oh my God, if he’s saying that, then he’s another idiot.’

Sam had said this because I had told him that my Doctor said that there were no studies to prove any of Sam’s statements. At another meeting, I said that my Specialist wanted to see real case studies. Sam replied, ‘He’s another idiot. This is approved by the TGA. I know Dr Martinick gives every customer of hers Loniten.’ At that point, Sam called Dr Martinick’s office and spoke with a Bianca on loud speaker, and I could hear the conversation. Sam asked Bianca, ‘Where can I get some documentation that Loniten is used for hair regrowth? Dr Martinick recommends Loniten to everybody doesn’t she?’

Bianca said: No
Sam said: I thought she used to.
Bianca replied: Nah.


Sam uses a video camera on a tripod as a normal digital camera to take photos of each client’s head. I noticed that after taking my photos, there would be a red light on the camera. I suspected that he was recording illicitly. I could not prove it until one day his computer screen showed the streaming footage. So I said, ‘You’re still recording I assume?’ [Sam Cohen reached over to the software on the PC and closed the recording window.] I added, ‘Oh, you’ve closed it have you?’ And Sam replied, ‘Oh yes, it takes videos too.’ [Sam was embarrassed to be caught filming the meeting without my permission.] I let it go, thinking that any footage would be in my favour, given that he was the one breaking the law and spinning lies. More supporting evidence for me. By the way, despite making Sam sign a contract that he will never disclose my details and photos to anyone, he showed my photos to his clients, and published my name in one of his ads, spinning lies. So much for client confidentiality. Another law he has broken.


I went to a specialist dermatologist and report back that Sam’s methods were not approved by my Specialist. Sam replied, ‘He’s still talking about his arse hole. Excuse my language. You know Dermos [dermatologists] know nothing about hair.’


Despite wanting to over dose me with illegal drugs, Sam then said this about his absurd treatment: ‘But by itself it does nothing, unless you have my Curry Powders.’


My doctors would not approve of Sam’s IHRB malpractice. When I informed Sam that I will not be taking his illegal and non-approved products, he said, ‘There’s been research going for hundreds of years for Loniten, and if the doctor doesn’t know, you should chuck him out. Chuck him out… You see, I’m treating you for hair… the doctor is not a hair specialist, of course not… The dermatologist also knows nothing… Nobody knows much about hair… it’s not illegal. It has been approved.’


Sam Cohen wanted me to ditch my doctors because they would not go along with his dangerous methods. Sam gave me a list of doctors who have been tricked by Sam to prescribe the crazy formulations to clients. Sam said, ‘Why are you wasting time, when these buggers are giving prescriptions [Sam pointed to the large stack of prescriptions on his desk]. I mean if anything happens it’s not my responsibility. It’s their responsibility.’

Sam knew that in the end, after allegedly tricking the doctors, they carried the can for prescribing the medications. However, as we shall see in future articles, and as I have stated in previous articles, Sam also dishes out these medications without a prescription, and with no warnings. Highly illegal. But that does not frighten Sam Cohen. He has been getting away with it for years. In my opinion, he had the perfect scam that shows him to be a rogue, and shows our consumer protection laws to be lacking!


‘Doctors are giving prescriptions willy nilly on my behalf because they know Sam Cohen wouldn’t bullshit.’ Here, Sam admits that doctors have been taking his advice, yet he lumbers them with the responsibility. Too clever for words.


Despite all the opposition from my doctors to me taking his formulations, including Loniten, Sam tried to rush me into a decision to ignore medical advice. He said, ‘Don’t harp on it [Loniten] too long… You’re a healthy little bugger; not a dying man. It’ll never hurt you.’

P.S. IHRB is the name of the Institute of Hair Regrowth and Beauty run by Sam Cohen of 105 Pitt Street Sydney.

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