State of the art of bull

State of the art of bull

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On his website, Sam Cohen of IHRB says, ‘The “balding gene” (DHT) can be blocked with a combination of our various “state of the art” prescribed medications and topical solutions, herbs, natural extracts…’

The focus of this article is on the misleading statement that IHRB has state of the art medications. Point-blank, let’s ask the question. What are these medications that IHRB calls its own? Mr Cohen says OUR VARIOUS STATE OF THE ART PRESCRIBED MEDICATIONS…

OUR? His? Does he have any medications? No. He wanted me to believe that he has Indian Curries and herbs that are the only ones in the world that can produce a 130% success rate in every one of his thousands of customers. So here is the first question to ask in a courtroom: please furnish your medications? He has none. It takes millions of dollars to develop medications, and if he had, he would have been bought-out by some rich Arab with $3 billion to spare.

VARIOUS? So now he has more than one of nothing? Is he counting his cheap detergent that he calls Organic Shampoo?

STATE OF THE ART? My goodness, this is leading-edge stuff. State of the art? So it is not only Indian Curries, but bleeding edge, leading edge, cutting edge technology. State of the art means the absolute latest technological development — the stuff for which front covers of magazines are reserved.

PRESCRIPTION MEDICATIONS? What’s all that about? This is one of those humorous statements. Mr Cohen is not a doctor, and does not want to be one. His Institute is no institute at all. His Clinic is merely four walls with a phone. So why mention the word ‘prescription’ as often as he mentions the word ‘guarantee’? Because the word prescription has a sense of respectability about it. As if to say that this is serious, adults-only stuff. None of your under-the-counter rubbish. This is prescription medication. It sounds impressive.

Ok so what does he have at the Institute of Hair Regrowth & Beauty that would qualify him to make those claims on his website? Nothing at all. If Viagra is known to be effective, one can hardly place an advertisement saying, ‘Come to us, our state of the art prescription medications will help you with your erectile dysfunction.’ How can anyone say that Viagra is their product?

Sadly, dear reader, this is the scenario. He says come to me, pay me thousands of dollars, and I will give you stuff that is readily available in the market.

IHRB mixes all the bad stuff for two reasons. First, it enables Mr Cohen to charge not sky-high prices, but stratospheric-level ridiculous prices for his topical solution that contains Minoxidil and Retin-A. This combination has been shot-down by experts. Nonetheless, Mr Cohen peddles this stuff as if he owns the patents. He says come to me and I can help you. In the process, he was about to put my health at risk until my doctors put a stop to his game.

He gave me Minoxidil, which he did not invent. He mixed it with Retin-A which he did not invent, and should not have done so. He wanted me to take finasteride, which he did not invent. He wanted me to take Loniten, which he did not invent and which can cause heart failure and is not approved. He wanted me to take Saw Palmetto tablets, which he did not invent, and which are useless (go on, ask him for his clinical trials on any of this). His contract locked me into his dubious so-called Organic Shampoo which I have reason to believe is not even organic.

So how can he say that he has ‘state of the art’ treatments? They are not his. They should not be used. They are dangerous.

Sam Cohen changes the dosages, tampers with labels, handles medications, sells prescription-only medications without a prescription, he handles Schedule 2 Pharmacy-Only medications and he is not a pharmacist nor a pharmacy, and he mixes and matches medications by peeling labels off products in order to sell them to whomever he wishes. People end up believing that it is all safe, when his combinations are not approved, dangerous, and a right-royal rip-off.

And he charges money for nothing at all. It would be like me charging a stranger $4,900 to say to him, go to your doctor, ask for a prescription for Viagra. Bring the prescription to me. I will fill it for you and sell you the packet, and charge you twice the market rate, and then sell you cheap face cream at 8-times the market price of any other cheap face cream, and lock you into a contract, and there you have it. Hero status. I helped you didn’t I? Viagra is working, isn’t it? Oh and if it were not for my face cream, Viagra would never have worked for you. You see, I have been in the business for 40 years. Codswallop!

Absurd? Ludicrous? Disgraceful? Indeed.

Oh and it all comes with a money back guarantee — not!

P.S. IHRB is the name of the Institute of Hair Regrowth and Beauty run by Sam Cohen of 105 Pitt Street Sydney. It is also written as Institute of Hair Regrowth & Beauty or Institute of Hair Re-growth & Beauty.

In my opinion, it’s a scam!

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