Treating serious diseases

Treating serious diseases

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The TGA’s Therapeutic Goods Advertising Code 4.2.b says: ‘An advertisement for therapeutic goods must not be likely to lead to consumers self-diagnosing or inappropriately treating potentially serious diseases.’

Mr Cohen’s suite of medications include products like Loniten, which are not approved, and which are dangerous, thereby triggering the potential for a myriad of adverse effects that could cause serious diseases, including heart failure.

The IHRB treatment causes problem and can trigger serious diseases.

[UPDATE: New Sanctions in November 2011 found IHRB’s ads unlawful and misleading. Read the latest by clicking here.]

IHRB offers a complete home package via mail order. The client does not even have to visit IHRB. This is putting the diagnosis in the hands of the anxious customer, and it is placing the responsibility for treatment in the hands of Mr Cohen who has no qualifications, using medical products and poisons that were compounded by a pharmacist who is never meeting or treating the client. Mr Cohen treats clients without seeing them. The pharmacists compounds products without ever seeing the client.

Progress reports are sent via mail. This hands-off procedure is dangerous, and can cause potentially serious diseases.

Furthermore, as any doctor will testify, hair loss is not always genetic. There could be many factors that cause it. Therefore, without proper diagnosis and monitoring, a client can be misdiagnosing a potentially serious disease.

The above clip is from the home page of, saying, ‘those who do not or are not able to visit our clinic, need not worry. We will send you a questionnaire with all the relevant information and instructions explaining the cause and how the treatment works.’ How can Mr Cohen determine the cause via useless forms, and without seeing the client to checking their medical condition before recommending dangerous products like Loniten which can cause heart failure?

The mail-order form explains that it can all be done via mail. This is an inappropriate way to treat hair loss, especially when serious non-approved medications are involved. The mail-order form and the self-assessment questionnaire are available from the IHRB website. Both are irresponsible and most unscientific.

For a copy of the Therapeutic Goods Advertising Code 2007 from the TGA, please click here.

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