Use as directed… by whom?

Use as directed… by whom?

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Mr Sam Cohen has no qualifications to be directing how patients use prescription medications and poisons. The topical solution contains a label from the compounding pharmacist, which says, ‘If all goes well, then increase to recommended dosage & frequency as directed.’

As directed by whom? The pharmacist does not realise that Mr Cohen makes out that the treatment is his own intellectual property. So clients tend to believe that Mr Samuel Cohen is the one to direct the dosages and frequency.

Then the label advises the user to ‘contact us or your health provider’.

Who is ‘us’? The user would presume that ‘us’ means IHRB and Sam Cohen who is not qualified to direct a prescription medication. This is way too dangerous because Mr Cohen does not know what other medications people are taking.

The Saw Palmetto bottle has a label which says take with meal or ‘as directed’. In case of an ‘upset’, it does not say to contact ‘us’. It just says notify ‘your heath provider’. Who is this person? We assume it to be Mr Cohen because Mr Cohen will insist that he is the genius behind the whole treatment.

Mr Cohen is the one ‘providing’ and it is his company’s name on the bottle.Both bottles state, ‘Specially formulated according to IHRB’s specifications’.

The shampoos and cleaning agents have the IHRB logo. So a consumer feels that IHRB is the health provider. And a consumer will presume that he has authority to ‘direct’.

On what authority can IHRB specify any tablet or medication? On what authority can Mr Cohen direct me to alter the dosages? Why are the labels telling me to take directions from Mr Cohen?


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