Two million views for IHRB-Story

Two million views for IHRB-Story

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This website, dedicated to exposing the alleged scam at the Institute of Hair Regrowth & Beauty, has exceeded two million views. There is growing interest from health professionals, health providers, members of the media, as well as men and women who are fascinated by a story of a Mr Sam Cohen who insists that he has the world’s best hair regrowth formula, yet is unable to prove that his formula is in any way efficacious. Indeed, he does have clients whose hair has grown back. However, these clients were sold medications such as Minoxidil, Loniten, and Finasteride, along with retinoids. It is alleged that the combination of these readily-available products has resulted in┬áre-growth for some clients (and pain and suffering for others).

For more information about the statistics on this website, please review an earlier article.


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