AFR: Hair loss therapy linked to impotence

AFR: Hair loss therapy linked to impotence

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The Australian Financial Review reported about a 30 year old man who ‘claims his life went awry after taking Propecia to treat his hair loss.’ The paper added, ‘Kevin Malley says a hair-loss treatment his doctor recommended has brought on debilitating sexual side effects.’

Propecia and Proscar are brand names for the medication called Finasteride. These are the products that Mr Sam Cohen of the Institute of Hair Regrowth and Beauty (IHRB) uses as part of his arsenal, and which he wanted me to use, along with Loniten which is a dangerous non-approved non-recommended serious medication that the TGA does not approve for hair loss or regrowth. Here is a link to the AFR story. The second part of Jill Margo’s report is published online at this link.

The Australian Financial Review seems a little late with this story about erectile dysfunction. I had filed a report on this over a year ago, which you can read here. My story about males forming breasts that lead to male breast cancer is revealed here. When it comes to sexual dysfunction, one can understand why many men would never speak-up and report any problems. Fewer would dare go public and share their story with the media. The makers of Propecia, Merck, Sharp & Dohme, have been forced to change the warnings on their packets. However, in Australia they remain evasive. This is from a company that was fined $950 million after it was discovered that the company engaged in illegal activity when it comes to reporting about its medications. More on that story is revealed here, on my other blog site, in an article called Dirty Business Bastards.

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