What’s your number, duckie?

What’s your number, duckie?

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In 2007, the Complaints Resolution Panel reminded Mr Sam Cohen of IHRB that all advertisements for therapeutic goods must first be approved, and must display the APPROVAL NUMBER. Mr Cohen never sought approval, and he ignored the law. Then in 2011, the Panel found IHRB in Breach of the Act, and told him to stop his ‘unlawful, misleading and unverified’ advertisements. The Sanctions told Mr Cohen that he must withdraw the representations that he has been making, and to publish retractions to apologise to the world for his unlawful, misleading, and unverified ads. He was told to no longer place ads until he has:

1) published retractions in all the newspapers and magazines in which he misled readers;
2) published retractions on his website to advise his readers that his claims have been hot air;
3) ceased making the misleading statements he had been making for years;
4) stopped showing those silly, useless, and unverified testimonials which are a joke; and
5) obtained an Advertising Approval Number before he dared to make any more claims or place new ads.

What did Mr Cohen do? NOTHING AT ALL. He ignored all the Sanctions. He continued to publish his illegal ads. In all the years (and to this very day of 27 August 2012) none of his ads was granted the required Approval Number. Why? Because they are not approved. Why? Because they would never be approved! How could they be? They were Sanctioned; which means they were assessed to be unlawful and misleading! His supposedly-secret ingredients do not have any TGA approvals and no scientific basis. I allege that Sam Cohen’s secret ingredients are so secret, that they do not exist at all. He is not licensed to sell medications or scheduled poisons. He is Prohibited from Supplying or Selling medications or scheduled poisons.

Mr Samuel Faraj Cohen of the Institute of Hair Regrowth & Beauty Pty Ltd accuses me of having a vendetta against him. The better observation would be that I had seen through what I allege is a scam, and I am alerting the authorities, so that vulnerable consumers are protected from dangerous medical malpractice and unlawful advertisements which result in clients paying thousands of dollars, for products that they could purchase in bulk at $7 per bottle with free delivery from established suppliers who are licensed to sell them.

When we consider that some of IHRB’s clients have lost approximately $12,000, we have to wonder how that stacks-up for the victims who are hurt medically and ripped-off financially. If anyone dares to invoke IHRB’s much-publicised 100% Money Back Guarantee, they will get the rough-end of Mr Cohen’s tongue. If they decide to pursue the matter legally, they could be faced with (as I have experienced) misleading and deceptive conduct from a man who now sports a criminal conviction (from Parramatta Court) for lying to a Tribunal.

Mr Cohen claims that his products are the best in the world, because they supposedly contain his efficacious secret herbal natural extracts — which I allege do not exist, and which all three of his pharmacists have confirmed that they do not exist. Mr Cohen responds by accusing his pharmacists of lying. All three of them?

That’s the answer to everything in the Cohen Universe. Everyone else is lying. Those who catch him out, are accused of harbouring a vendetta against him. Those who take him to task, are supposedly obsessed with him. Departments who Convict him and Prohibit him and Sanction him, are categorised by him as rogues with hidden agenda. What a sad world… made sadder because Mr Cohen is still in business. He is still lying. He is still risking public health and safety. He is still raking-in the money under false claims about products that I allege do not exist. He is still advertising in breach of Sanctions.

On the scoreboard, we can say: Consumers: 0. Mr Cohen: 15.

He is the winner by a country mile. But as I have said before, in this race there is an end-point where I see a brick wall.

P.S. The time now is 2:10 am. I am off soon to the Tribunal Hearing that is set for a five-day hearing into the wheelings and dealings of IHRB’s second Pharmacist, in relation to the medications this pharmacist supplied to Mr Sam Cohen and IHRB. Poor chap. If the hearing does not go his way, I am guessing that his whole career is set for the chop. What a sad way for a young pharmacist to bring an end to his career and reputation. I shall update you in due course.

This is the note in 2007 from the Complaints Resolution Panel, sent to IHRB, advising Mr Sam Cohen that he must seek Approval for his advertising. Mr Cohen ignored this warning and continued to advertise without Approval.

Once again, in 2011, the Panel tells Mr Cohen of IHRB that he is in Breach of the Act. He ignores this second warning and continues to advertise throughout 2012 without Approvals, while Breaching the Sanctions imposed upon the ads which were found to be misleading, unlawful, and unverified.

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