Blood on my pillow

Blood on my pillow

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Here are three photos of my scalp, showing the painful and unsightly rash. There are more dramatic photos from other former clients of IHRB. I will publish those photos after certain court cases have been settled. As I keep saying: all in good time.

On the 11th of September 2008, I became an IHRB client and started using the 5% Minoxidil topical solution, formulated by a pharmacist in Melbourne and sold to me by Mr Sam Cohen of IHRB. One day in June 2009, I opened a new bottle (one of the twelve bottles I was given for $3,700) and instantly, I felt that my scalp was on fire. I felt a burning sensation. I did not take a look at my scalp until later in the day when the burning became worse, and my scalp felt increasingly itchy. I was sitting at my desk, and a member of my family noticed the back of my head and asked me about it. I could not see my scalp, so they took these photos to show me. The next morning I went to my GP and eventually needed two courses of antibiotics. [Photos of my hair loss caused by the topical solution are at this link.]

I wrote to Mr Samuel Cohen of IHRB and enclosed these photos, saying in an email, ‘Hello Sam, This week I noticed that my scalp started to itch and become sore and red. I took these photos. I went to the doctor and he gave me some antibiotics. So I am taking three tablets per day until the pack is finished. The only thing that had changed was that I opened a new bottle of the topical scalp lotion. I have no idea if that could have caused it. Do you now if some batches could have different ingredients or strengths? Nothing else had changed. My diet is the same, and I am always healthy. I do not drink or smoke. I lead a healthy life. The shampoo and soap etc is all unchanged. The bottles had been kept in my office cabinet away from light or heat. I have attached some photos. I will go back to my GP. It is becoming ugly and itchy and sore to touch. You can see how red it is. My family today said that it is becoming worse, so I wonder if I should keep applying the lotion? Is this a good idea, or will it interrupt the efficacy of the program if I stop until this heals? Thanks.’

Mr Sam Cohen wrote back and said, ‘I had a look at the photographs you sent me. You received a batch of bottles and have been applying them since September ’09 without any problems. Definitely the ingredients are the same in all the bottles. I am not pleased to view those photographs. I am glad your doctor gave you some antibiotics. However, just to remind you — always apply on a dry scalp and no rubbing. In any case, please stop the Dermaclean & the Topical Solution till it all heals. Please keep me informed about the progress.’

The antibiotics kicked-in, but my scalp remained itchy and red for many weeks, and I needed a second round of antibiotics. The photos below show how my scalp was scarred for a very long time. On a few occasions, there was blood on my pillow. At times, the itchiness had turned to tenderness and pain, while my head felt like it was on fire. The red itchy marks spread across my back and along the sides of my body. The third photo below shows the marks on my back.

When I finally went to see Mr Cohen, he refused to accept that the rash had anything to do with his products.

On this occasion, it was blood on my pillow. Let’s just hope Mr Cohen does not end up with blood on his hands if one of his clients suffers a fate worse than a rash. The medical warnings, for the products that IHRB wants its clients to use, include SUDDEN DEATH and HEART FAILURE… and that’s just at the top-end. What is alarming, is that these medical warnings are never shown to clients. They are withheld on purpose.

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