Cohen Convicted in Court

Cohen Convicted in Court

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At Parramatta Local Court on Friday 22 July 2011, Sam Cohen was convicted of lying at CTTT. The criminal offence carries 12 months imprisonment and/or a fine of up to $5,500. The Magistrate saw through Mr Cohen’s pathetic lies, and convicted him. Samuel Faraj Cohen of IHRB escaped a prison term, but was fined, and ordered to pay Court (and other) costs.

Mr Cohen attended Court (with his solicitor) because he was charged with making false and misleading statements to the Consumer Tribunal (CTTT). This was a case of ‘R vs Samuel Faraj Cohen’, prepared by the NSW Department of Fair Trading. The Police Prosecutor was not amused when Mr Cohen’s solicitor tried to put forward the argument that Mr Cohen did not really lie, because, it is alleged, that Mr Cohen was about to say something else to the CTTT Member, but that the Member had allegedly cut him off.

If this does not make sense to you, let me explain it this way: In 2010 at a CTTT hearing, Mr Sam Cohen was asked by a Member (who is like a Judge) about his qualifications. Mr Cohen responded by saying that he is a Bachelor of Science. This was a significant lie. The Police charged Mr Cohen and took him to court for lying. Instead of apologising and pleading guilty, Mr Cohen’s lawyer was saying that Mr Cohen did say that he has a Bachelor’s Degree, but if Mr Cohen had not been interrupted by the Member, he would have gone-on to correct that statement. If we are to believe this line (and if any court would allow it as a defence), then Mr Cohen would go down in history as having invented a new legal loophole. It might become known as the Cohen Precedent. Hence forth, anyone could lie about anything, and when caught-out, could says, ‘Oh yes I did say that, Your Honour, but I had not finished my sentence. I was also going to say something else, but I was interrupted. Had I not have been interrupted, I would have completed the statement, which would have subsequently corrected the lie, and it would no longer have been an untruth.’

To my mind, that kind of excuse is like a robber going to a bank and saying, ‘This is a hold-up, give me all the money.’ Upon being overpowered by armed police, the robber would say, ‘Hey, I was only joking’. Try that out in court and see where it leads.

This whole case at Parramatta Court was about Mr Sam Cohen who had lied to me and to other clients about everything. Sam Cohen is a solid-gold liar who now has a criminal conviction to prove it. The Police Prosecutor asked the Magistrate to note that this was no trivial matter. Mr Cohen blatantly and repeatedly and creatively lied at CTTT (while furnishing faked, forged, and fabricated documents to support his lies). Amazingly, while at Parramatta Local Court, he was lying about the lie. How about that! He never knows when to stop lying. His lies harm his clients, medically and financially. Lies about his qualifications and supposed expertise had caused me (and others) pain and suffering. Lies about his treatment had cost me (and others) thousands of dollars via the sophisticated scam that Mr Cohen had perfected over a period of eight years at IHRB.

The story about his bogus qualifications was noted in a previous article, which you can read here. Mr Cohen’s solicitor was suggesting that Mr Cohen was cut-off by the Member. You can hear the audio of when the crime was committed, and you can read the transcript, and you can see how absurd that feeble argument was. Clearly, Mr Cohen had told the Member that he was a Bachelor of Science. Previously, he had made that statement to me and to others. He had even signed an Affidavit (via his lawyers) to the District Court of NSW in May 2010, swearing that he is a Bachelor of Science. He and his then Chairman of the Board had also boasted about the Degree in the 1997 official audited Annual Report of his former employer, for whom he was a senior executive and a Director of the Board (a report he later submitted to CTTT to bolster his resume). Therefore, to expect the Magistrate to believe that Sam Cohen never really suggested that he had a Bachelor’s Degree when asked by the CTTT Member, was insulting the Magistrate’s intelligence, and ignoring the indisputable evidence that comprised an audio recording on which we can hear the Member ask Mr Cohen, ‘What I’m asking you sir, is what are your qualifications?’ To which, Sam Cohen replied, ‘My qualification; I’m a Bachelor of Science.’

Yet, right there in the courtroom at Parramatta Court, charged with lying, Sam Cohen had instructed his solicitor to pull the wool over the Magistrate’s eyes with a lie designed to cover-up the original offending lie that had landed Mr Cohen in hot water. How anyone can say, ‘I’m a Bachelor of Science,’ and later say that it was not really what they meant, is staggering.

During the hearing, Mr Cohen’s solicitor implied that no real harm was done. The evidence proved otherwise. Mr Cohen tells people that he is the only person in the world who knows anything about hair regrowth. Mr Cohen lies about having invented world-first Indian Curries and natural/herbal extracts (which do not exist) that supposedly grow hair so well, that he claims to have been the first in the world to offer a money back guarantee (which does not exist). Mr Cohen says that all doctors are donkeys and that he is the one to whom doctors turn. He positions himself as the guru, the innovator, and the market leader. His bogus qualifications add to the web of deception that harms people — as the Commissioner of the Health Care Complaints Commission had discovered after HCCC found that Mr Sam Cohen (and his Institute of Hair Regrowth & Beauty) endangered people’s health and safety, operating illegally and unethically, while illegally selling dangerous non-approved medications (while unlicensed), while breaking codes of conduct… and the list goes on. Mr Cohen lies about everything, and gains people’s trust, then abuses them medically and financially.

Later in the argument at Parramatta Court, Mr Cohen’s solicitor was asking for leniency, under Section 10 of the Crimes (Sentencing Procedure) Act 1999, saying that Mr Cohen is an old man (75 years old) and that if found guilty, Mr Cohen’s conviction should be erased from his record… basically this means that the Court would find Mr Cohen guilty, but not record a conviction against his name. The Magistrate was not buying it. He had understood the severity of this crime, and the importance of this case. The Police Prosecutor saw to that.

The Police and the Department of Fair Trading, and CTTT, do not take kindly to people lying within a legal setting. So now, the con-man is a criminal, and his lies did not work on this occasion, thanks to the Fair Trading investigator and the Deputy Commissioner for Fair Trading whose priority is to protect the Consumers of NSW. Perhaps, if Mr Cohen had pleaded guilty, the Magistrate might have considered Section 10. However, to come into the courtroom, spin a lie about the lie, and have the audacity to ask that he be reimbursed for his legal expenses; he had another thing coming. That’s pushing it too far. Fancy lying about lying, and then saying that it was a harmless lie; and when it became obvious that the audio and documentary evidence were iron-clad, Mr Cohen’s solicitor then went into repair-mode, as if suggesting something to this effect: Fair cop Governor, okay, we tried to fool you, and we failed. But now that you know that my client has lied, and that he is definitely guilty, can you please let him off the hook and give him a Section 10?


When asked to take the stand, Mr Cohen played for sympathy; walking very slowly, stumbling, and limping dramatically, as if to suggest that he is an old man who deserves some sympathy. I believe that Mr Cohen was hamming it up. What an actor. I had a feeling that he would play on his age. He does have a subtle limp. But Mr Cohen is a strong man. At a CTTT hearing, he walked past me and said, ‘Look at you, you look terrible. I am 75 years old and I look better than you.’ This was Mr Cohen boasting about his great health. I am led to believe that he was an athlete in his younger days. Now he boasts about his extraordinary sex drive and active sex life. He is a man in full swing. But come the Court case, he was pretending to be an infirm senior citizen. Mark my words: he’ll be sporting a walking-stick in due course, because all actors need props.

In preparation for the day that Mr Cohen pretended to be an old man, I had a video (see footage below) taken of him, to show you how well he can walk. I knew he would do this. That’s how well I now know Mr Cohen. So I was ready for it. I wonder what the Magistrate would have made of this video, showing Mr Cohen in great stride, which is in stark contrast to the way he stumbled and ambled to the Dock inside the Courtroom. This video was taken in June 2011, only one month prior to his feigned old-age lethargy at Parramatta Local Court.

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When it suits him, Mr Cohen attempts to fool the authorities into believing that he is an old man. Yet, he is young enough to scam people. Fit enough to put his fist to my face (wearing four large rings) and abuse me. Bold enough to make two death-threats against me. Healthy enough to run a full-time business. Vibrant enough to continue to break the law, even after everything he has been through — including a police raid, a court case, an in-depth humiliating investigation, and numerous Tribunal hearings — amidst angry clients who are aghast to learn that their supposed ‘money back guarantee’ was yet another lie that had tricked them to part with their hard-earned (or borrowed) money.

Let it be known that a hearing took place at Parramatta Local Court on Friday 22 July 2011, at 11 am, in the case of ‘R (The Crown) v Samuel Faraj Cohen’; and the end result: GUILTY AS CHARGED. Mr Cohen was convicted and fined. Once again, he can thank his lucky stars that he is not behind bars.

In my case, and in the case of other former clients, Mr Cohen has lied big-time during the sales pitch and later at CTTT, thereby disrespecting the law and denying people their justice, while ignoring the TGA’s requirements (and subsequent Sanctions) relating to the advertising of therapeutic goods — notwithstanding the brazen disregard to many Therapeutic Goods Advertising Codes. This court case was about only ONE of those lies. Soon enough, Sam Cohen will face the music about ALL his lies.

The more he disrespects his clients, the more fuel he will add to the fire. He is operating a scam, while ripping people off. Despite being exposed, he does not show an ounce of respect. Only last week, I received this email from a former client: ‘Good on you mate. I was ripped off by Sam as well. The same thing. His jibber about his magic “Indian curries”, the illegal minoxidil formulas with very high and dangerous minoxidil content, medication without prescription and in other peoples names and the list goes on. I must have spent over $10,000 with Sam and the guy is a crook.’

The week prior, this arrived: ‘Hi Jonar. I could not believe it when I came across you site. Just over a year ago I was also scammed by Sam Cohen… I think deep down inside I knew I was scammed as I walked out of his office, but I guess at that time I was desperate for a solution and was prepared to give it a shot. $3700 was cheaper than the other places. It has been a great learning experience for me… I have not even bothered calling him for a refund, as I knew what the answer would be, and your site has just proved that for me…’

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury… Sam Cohen is the master of his own destiny.

It’s all in his hands.

Where is he taking himself?

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