Cohen criticises Ashely & Martin and Advanced Hair Studio

Cohen criticises Ashely & Martin and Advanced Hair Studio

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Mr Sam Cohen of IHRB spoke with Channel Seven News reporter Mr Alex Hart at the door of IHRB’s office in Leichhardt while eight Health Care Complaints Commission (HCCC) investigators were inside, executing yet another Search Warrant, amidst allegations that Mr Cohen had breached HCCC Prohibition Orders.

During the interview, Mr Cohen pointed the finger at his competitors, namely Ashley & Martin (for whom Mr Cohen used to work many moons ago, before the company underwent some changes and decided not to offer Mr Cohen a position in the newly-constitiuted entity) and Advanced Hair Studio.

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Mr Cohen: You’re from which channel?

Mr Hart: Channel Seven.

Mr Cohen: Good. That’s the one that bugger came first.

Mr Hart: Sorry?

Mr Cohen: That’s the chap who came first, when the first raid was taking place.

Mr Hart: Yeh.

Mr Cohen: Yeh, but you fellas don’t do anything about Ashley & Martin, where they wear white jackets and pretend to be doctors. Advanced Hair Studios, Shane Warne and all, they stick wigs on your head and call it a full head of hair. I taught them how to make wigs. I design wigs. Forty-two years ago.

Mr Hart: Is that one of them?

Mr Cohen: Yeh, it’s one of them. I’ve been doing this for so long. But because I said in previous days, I used to advertise and say, ‘Ashley & Martin are not doctors.’ ‘Advanced Hair Studios stick wigs.’ So the buggers, they don’t like me.

Mr Hart: Your products regrow hair?

Mr Cohen: My products; if I take somebody on, I’m the only man who guarantees to regrow hair. I’ve got so many documents, why don’t you come some day and have a look? I’d like you…

Mr Hart: Show us the documents.

Mr Cohen: I’d can show you, but I can’t show you now.

Mr Hart: …Actually your products regrow hair?

Mr Cohen: My products, if I take somebody on, they actually regrow hair. You can’t regrow if the hair is dead. But because of that, nobody else in the world says, ‘regrow more hair or your money back, guaranteed.’ That’s why they hate me. See, you come inside…

Mr Hart: They hate you because you’re the best?

Mr Cohen: Because I am the best, yes. But even then, I have limitations. I tell people, ‘Don’t expect this area to fully recover’. ‘Don’t expect this…’ So they all hate me because of that, you see. So when you have time, if you’re brave enough, come and sit with me and then go on television and say, ’Sam Cohen is a liar or he’s a real good man. I would love you to come and do that.

Mr Hart: Ok, we’ll have to wait.

Mr Cohen: Ok. What’s your name?

Mr Hart: My name is Alex.

Mr Cohen: Alright Alex. I’d love you to come and do that.

Mr Hart: Ok.

Mr Cohen: And if you’re honest, you’ll take take the correct side. I can show you so much documents. But most of the documents, they’ve taken it now to to… but I want you to come back.

Mr Hart: We’ll come back inside after they leave.

Mr Cohen: Yes. They’ll be another hour or two.

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