Cohen’s Chinese Connection

Cohen’s Chinese Connection

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Sam Cohen knows how to reach ethnic groups via foreign language newspapers and magazines. Here we see his typical ads in Chinese. My favourite is the one that mentions me by name! It was published in ‘The Epoch Times’. It was an ad that Sam Cohen placed to warn people about me, saying that I was a liar. Too bad for him that everything of which I have accused him, has been proved by the Health Department after a police raid on his IHRB premisses. The Institute of Hair Regrowth and Beauty has been exposed, yet still, Mr Cohen continues to operate.

The significance of these Chinese ads is that Sam Cohen is targeting a group of people who, by their culture, are least likely to complain about him once they realise that they have been conned. In due course, we shall bring you other ads from other ethnic publications. To download all three ads as a PDF, click here. You can also view the ad published in the Sing Tao Health & Beauty Magazine here.

The ad above hits back at me. A line-by-line explanation is exposed in this separate article. Below are two more ads.



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