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Here are links to articles that provide additional background information about the Respondent IHRB and its owner Mr Samuel Cohen. Please click on each item below to be re-directed to the relevant article.

[1] Click the link to download the PDF CTTT_Orders_by_Member_De_Jersey_IHRB_Johal_GEN12_04893 SM

[2] Jonar Nader’s involvement in trying to expose police corruption.

[3] Jonar Nader on radio.

[4] Some of Jonar Nader’s lectures and TV interviews.

[5] Some of Jonar Nader’s clients.

[6] Jonar Nader speaks about fighting to protect our way of life.

[7] Jonar Nader’s essay about terrorism.

[8] Jonar Nader’s official website.

[9] A video that profiles Jonar Nader

[10] Jonar Nader’s official blog.

[11] Here are three articles critical of Apple: One; Two; Three.

[12] An article critical of ANZ Bank.

[13] An article critical of Commonwealth Bank.

[14] An article critical of Telstra.

[15] An article critical of Optus.

[16] An article critical of American Express.

[17] An article critical of CitiBank.

[18] An article critical of St George Bank.

[19] An article critical of CNN.

[20] An article critical of News Limited.

[21] Fighting the Dale Carnegie publishing challenge.

[22] Taking Australia Post to task.

[23] Jonar’s book called ‘How to Lose Friends and Infuriate People‘.

[24] Jonar’s book called ‘How to Lose Friends and Infuriate Your Boss‘.

[25] Jonar’s book called ‘How to Lose Friends and Infuriate Lovers‘.

[26] Jonar was the technical writer for Butterworths Australian Legal Dictionary.

[27] Jonar was the technical writer for Butterworths Student’s Legal Dictionary.

[28] Jonar’s book called ‘Prentice Hall’s Illustrated Dictionary of Computing‘.

[29] Jonar’s novel about terrorism called ‘Z’.

[30] More about Jonar’s publications.

[31] IHRB exposed on Today Tonight Channel 7 TV

[32] Jonar critical of Murdoch and Packer over OneTel.

[33] What are IHRB’s secret natural extracts?

[34] IHRB’s pharmacists confess that the curries do not exist.

[35] IHRB’s new concoction that contains no active ingredients. Both pharmacists denounce the extracts.

[36] IHRB’s exorbitant prices are exposed.

[37] IHRB claims to have state-of-the-art therapeutic products.

[38] IHRB is not licensed to sell medications.

[39] The day NSW Police raided IHRB’s office.

[40] Health Care Complaints Commission served IHRB with Permanent Prohibition Orders.

[41] Fair Trading Commissioner Rod Stowe calls Mr Cohen’s actions ‘reprehensible’.

[42] Sam Cohen lied and fabricated evidence at CTTT.

[43] Sam Cohen lied about his qualifications.

[44] Sam Cohen convicted in Court for lying to CTTT.

[45] Sam Cohen loses his Appeal at Parramatta Court.

[46] IHRB was found with quantities of Loniten, the dangerous non-approved drug.

[47] Minoxidil has been known to cause Sudden Death.

[48] IHRB sold medications that can cause permanent/persistent erectile dysfunction.

[49] IHRB sold medications that can cause male breasts and male breast cancer.

[50] One IHRB client almost died from Sam Cohen medical malpractice.

[51] I had suffered painful bruising and skin and scalp rashes while using IHRB’s products.

[52] HCCC issued Temporary Prohibition Orders in October 2010.

[53] Covert surveillance exists to prove IHRB had lied to the authorities.

[54] Client sends report to HCCC about 30 new violations by IHRB.

[55] HCCC conducts second raid on IHRB’s new office.

[56] Second pharmacist stops supplying to IHRB and is owed $14,800.

[57] The first Sanctions issued to IHRB by the Complains Resolution Panel.

[58] After failing to comply with the first Sanctions, IHRB was reported to the Department of Health.

[59] IHRB continued to place full-page ads in breach of the Sanctions.

[60] The Complaints Resolution Panel issues second set of Sanctions.

[61] The Complaints Resolution Panel writes to Health Department seeking Orders against IHRB.

[62] Former client John Liodakis takes IHRB to CTTT.

[63] Former client Ronald Riskalla takes IHRB to CTTT.

[64] Former client Tina Concettina McArthur takes IHRB to CTTT.

[65] Former client Theresa Surace takes IHRB to CTTT.

[66] Former client Leanne Morton takes IHRB to CTTT.

[67] IHRB is Summonsed to produce evidence.

[68] IHRB’s Letter to the Registrar objecting to the Applicant being represented by J Nader

[69] Sam Cohen makes death-threats against J Nader.

[70] IHRB’s 100% money-back guarantee does not exist.

[71] J Nader calls Police to IHRB’s office after threats of violence made by Sam Cohen.

[72] Sam Cohen lies to the Police.

[73] Sam Cohen lies to NSW Fair Trading.

[74] J Nader’s CTTT case dragged out to 383 days.

[75] Sam Cohen’s solicitor obfuscates J Nader’s CTTT case.

[76] IHRB continues to breach Prohibition Orders.

[77] Many IHRB victims do not complain due to embarrassment or exhaustion.

[78] Mr Cohen’s ads are filled with warnings about his competitors’ bad behaviour.

[79] Former client K Suwan complains to HCCC.

[80] Former client K Liu complains to HCCC.

[81] Submission from Respondent’s solicitor Otto Stichter Letter from IHRB’s Solicitor Mr Otto Stichter 17 March 2012

[82] Documents that show how the Respondent overdoses his clients on non-approved medications.

[83] An excerpt from an audio recording proves that the Respondent (Mr Cohen) was not granted leave to be represented by his solicitor.

[84] An excerpt from an audio recording proves that the respondent (Mr Cohen) misled Member De Jersey by saying that he had previously been represented by his solicitor at CTTT for the ‘last few cases’.

[85] An excerpt from an audio recording wherein the respondent’s solicitor (Mr Stichter) tried to mislead Member De Jersey by saying that he had previously been involved in CTTT proceedings.

[86] J Nader challenged the Respondent (Mr Cohen) about his lie in [84] above.

[87] J Nader asked the Respondent’s solicitor (Mr Stichter) if he accepted the fact that the Applicant is too ill to represent himself.

[88] Audio file of CTTT Group Hearing with Member De Jersey on 5 March 2012 regarding GEN 12/04893. Member De Jersey made Directions for a Special Fixture Hearing to specifically hear the applications and objections pertaining to parties seeking leave to be represented. Please click on the grey arrow below to play the truncated audio file. Or click this link which is a non-Flash version for iPhone and iPad users.
[audio:http://ihrb-story.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/CTTT_Member_De_Jersey_required_Special_Fixture_to_Hear_Re_Representation.mp3|titles=CTTT 5 March 2012 Member De Jersey GEN 12 04893]

[89] Audio file of CTTT Hearing 8 May 2012 where Member P. Smith admits that he had not read all of the submissions.
[audio:http://ihrb-story.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/09/8_May_CTTT_P_Smith_Admitting_not_read_whole_submission1.mp3|titles=CTTT 8 March Member P Smith admitting to not reading the whole submission GEN 12 04893]

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