Did Elias Pharmacy inject hormones into IHRB’s bottles?

Did Elias Pharmacy inject hormones into IHRB’s bottles?

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There are fresh queries about the ingredients used by Elias Pharmacy to compound the topical hair regrowth solution for IHRB. Specifically, was Progesterone and/or Ketoconazole used in any formulation at the instructions of Mr Sam Cohen or one of the pharmacists at Elias Pharmacy, and outside the scope of the prescription, and unbeknownst to the prescribing doctor? Furthermore, if these allegations are correct, did the client/patient have any idea that a hormone or synthetic anti-fungal medication (including derivatives such as Triazole agents) might have been used in the topical solutions as part of the hair regrowth program?

Apart from the long list of other serious questions that might be relevant to the current HCCC investigation into Messrs Elias Juanas and Robert Mamblona’s conduct, including: a) whether or not Elias Pharmacy supplied Scheduled medications to Mr Sam Cohen of IHRB who is not only unlicensed, but also the recipient of a Permanent Prohibition Order; and b) whether or not Messrs Juanas and Mamblona acted unprofessionally by allegedly supplying scheduled medications that were compounded outside the boundaries of the doctor’s prescription (such questions and allegations were outlined in a previous article which you can read by clicking on this link) there now emerges new questions about allegations that Mr Cohen of IHRB might have either directed (or been accepting of, or complicit in) adding hormones such as Progesterone and/or Triazole or Imidazole in bottles of Minoxidil or bottles of Activance which might have also included Mr Cohen’s much-advertised (albeit untested and unproven) supposedly secret natural extracts that were never clinically tested and were sold as (purported to be) therapeutic products (advertised to regrow hair) that were never Registered with the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA).

If any such allegations are proved true, there also remains the question about the ‘combination’ of such ingredients, and whether or not they have the potential to cause adverse side-effects, and whether or not such possible side-effects have the possibility of causing severe adverse short- or long-term reactions due to contra-indications that could expose clients to grave medical risks.

These and many more questions and allegations will need to be investigated in due course, and we will bring you the latest breaking news as it comes to hand.



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