Sam Cohen’s doorstop interview

Sam Cohen’s doorstop interview

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Sam Cohen gave a doorstop interview while investigators from the Health Care Complaints Commission, led by Director of Investigations Mr Tony Kofkin, were inside, executing a Search Warrant upon the Institute of Hair Regrowth & Beauty after allegations that IHRB had been breaching its Prohibition Orders.

If you are using Apple products and cannot see the video below, please click here to go directly to the YouTube file. A transcript is shown below, after the photos.

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Alex Hart with Sam Cohen of IHRB IMG_9149

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Mr Hart: Sam. Can we have a quick chat?

Mr Cohen: Pardon?

Mr Hart: Can we just have a quick chat? Tell us what’s happening here today.

Mr Cohen: I don’t know. I really don’t know.

Mr Hart: Have you been…?

Mr Cohen: This is the fifth raid here.

Mr Hart: Have you breached your Prohibition Order?

Mr Cohen: I have breached nothing.

Mr Hart: Why are they raiding you?

Mr Cohen: I wouldn’t know. Because there’s one chap called Jonar Nader. He after me for the last four and a half years.

Mr Hart: What have they said to you today?

Mr Cohen: Nothing. They haven’t said anything. They said they’ve come to have a look at the place.

Mr Hart: What are they searching for?

Mr Cohen: Lord knows. Why; I really don’t know.

Mr Hart: You’ve got no idea why they’re here?

Mr Cohen: I’ve got no idea why they’re here.

Mr Hart: But you have got a Prohibition Order served on you at the moment?

Mr Cohen: Prohibition Order has been on me for a long time, and I haven’t broken any Prohibition Orders.

Mr Hart: You haven’t broken any prohibitions at all?

Mr Cohen: No. No.

Mr Hart: When can you re-open?

Mr Cohen: [Walks inside and closed the door. After a while, Mr Cohen re-emerges]

Mr Hart: What’s happening Sam?

Mr Cohen: I just want you fellas to know, that there’s a man called Jonar Nader. He’s been after me for last four and a half years. He’s written on the; he’s made a website with more; nearly 4000 pages about me. And he’s the instigator of every complaint to every Department. I’ve already; This is the fifths raid I’ve been having here, you see, so I just want you to first have a read and look at the website that he’s created. And he calls me a thief a scam. He’s brought my whole family in. He’s called it W W W Dot IHRB my story or something. So that man, he’s causing all the problems. He even said that I’m lying about advertising. That, ah, what do you call it, I’m paying my customers to advertise for me. See, they all hate me. I’m in the business for 41 years. I’m 78 years old.

Mr Hart: You have been in trouble before.

Mr Cohen: This is the same thing, carrying on.

Mr Hart: But it continues to happen.

Mr Cohen: Yeh, but because he keeps on continues to complain. He complained to the Complaints Resolution [Complaints Resolution Panel] that I’m doing false ads. I said, ‘Show us where’. Then they went to Fair Trading, I said, ‘Show us where’. Now they went to TGA [Therapeutic Goods Administration]. All that is there, absolutely true. But, because he’s complaining, these people are taking action.

Mr Hart: You’re not doing anything wrong?

Mr Cohen: Nothing wrong. What am I doing wrong? See, but because they keep on complaining, I keep on getting raids.

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