Inappropriate use

Inappropriate use

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The TGA’s Therapeutic Goods Advertising Code 4.2.f says: ‘An advertisement for therapeutic goods must not encourage, or be likely to encourage, inappropriate or excessive use.’ IHRB ads plant seeds in a reader’s mind. This advertisement warns readers about unnecessary cosmetic products, so as to pave the way to sell unnecessary cosmetic products. Everything about IHRB’s ads is misleading.

IHRB ads point to all the con-tricks, and then perform the very con tricks!

IHRB’s treatment uses useless products such as Saw Palmetto tablets that are sold with poor labelling. IHRB has no clinical tests as to why these must be used. Yet they are part of the contract that forces the client to keep purchasing them at double the market price. Is IHRB authorise to manufacture and sell such products under its own label?

[UPDATE: New Sanctions in November 2011 found IHRB’s ads unlawful and misleading. Read the latest by clicking here.]

The organic shampoo is exorbitantly-priced, and there is no evidence that it is organic or that it helps in any way whatsoever. Yet the bottles and the contract say that these are part of the treatment.

In most IHRB ads, the question is asked if Lasers and High Frequency machines Medically approved as DHT blockers? Why ask this question? Who said they were? And even so, why compare herbal tablets with such machines? And why cast aspersions that suggest one thing is not medically approved, as if to suggest that IHRB is medically approved. The IHRB products are not medically approved in any way whatsoever. By disparaging one thing, IHRB is tricking the customer into thinking that their solution is medially approved.

By suggesting that other companies use cosmetic products unnecessarily, IHRB is implying that IHRB’s products are necessary. This is false. IHRB has a habit of telling the reader about the bad things that others do, and then it does the bad thing itself.

For a copy of the Therapeutic Goods Advertising Code 2007 from the TGA, please click here.

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