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Here are links to articles that provide additional background information about IHRB and Mr Sam Cohen. Click on each item below to be re-directed to the relevant article.

Item 1 from page 3 The Alleged scam

Item 2 from page 4 The lack of active ingredients

Item 3 from page 5 Sudden death with Minoxidil

Item 4 from page 5 What experts said about Retin-A

Item 5 from page 5 The dangers of Loniten

Item 6 from page 5 Finasteride and male breasts

Item 7 from page 5 Finasteride and erectile dysfunction

Item 8 from page 6 Mr Cohen’s TAB betting account

Item 9 from page 7 The pharmacists confess that secrets extracts are not used

Item 10 from page 7 Exorbitant prices exposed

Item 11 from page 8 The deceptive and unfair contract A blow-by-blow account of the contract is reviewed here, in detail.

Item 12 from page 9 How Mr Cohen voids the guarantee within seconds

Item 13 from page 10 The 2007 Sanctions placed on IHRB

Item 14 from page 11 The 2011 Sanctions placed on IHRB showing 12 Breaches

Item 15 from page 12 The latest ads filled with misleading and unverified statements

Item 16 from page 13 Examining a typical ad

Item 17 from page 15 The day police raided IHRB’s office

Item 18 from page 15 Channel 7’s ‘Today Tonight’ TV story about IHRB

Item 19 from page 16 The HCCC Permanent Prohibition Orders

Item 20 from page 16 Thirty new violations breach HCCC Orders

Item 21 from page 17 Sam Cohen abusing the HCCC report to his advantage

There are over 100 articles on the site. So please explore the other stories which you can navigate from the home page.

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