Secret recordings expose all

Secret recordings expose all

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Today 8 June 2011 marks the 1000th day since Sam Cohen uttered his first lie to me during our meeting where I was conned and scammed. 1000 days since the saga began, yet, despite the 900 pages of evidence on this site alone, not to mention the terabytes of data I have amassed on the IHRB scam, it amazed me no end to receive a letter from Mr Sam (the Scam) Cohen last week wherein he spits out more lies than is tolerable. I shall post that letter shortly. Meanwhile, in response to Mr Cohen’s incessant lies, I sent him an offer that I thought was too good to refuse. Alas, Mr Cohen has refused it!

Within minutes of receiving his absurd letter, I sent an email (below) to him, from my hospital bed (while on morphine after surgery) eager to put a stop to the lies.

I, and at least two other former IHRB clients, have secret audio recordings of conversations we had with Mr Sam Cohen. These recordings were made legally in accordance with the Surveillance Devices Act 2007 (NSW) No 64. The prohibitions listed in Section 7(1) do not apply to the use of a listening device by a party to a private conversation if: Section 7(3) Subsection (b) ‘a principal party to the conversation consents to the listening device being so used and the recording of the conversation: (i) is reasonably necessary for the protection of the lawful interests of that principal party.’ Definition: ‘principal party, in relation to a private conversation, means a person by or to whom words are spoken in the course of the conversation.’

We had held-off on revealing the existence of these secret tapes until I had sought all the necessary legal advice. Now we are letting all the authorities know about these audio files because they have become necessary to protect our legal interests. Mr Cohen has lied about everything. And he still deludes himself by telling people that he is innocent. He has devised a set of phrases that most people find fair and reasonable, because on the surface, they are crafted most cogently to spin a deceptive series of lies. Anyway, the bottom line is that now everything about which I have been accusing Mr Cohen can be proved with the tapes. No need to argue and no need to dispute the facts. They are all there on the tapes.

While it was legal for us to have recoded the tapes, it would not be legal to publish them here for you at this stage. In the fullness of time, they will come to light, and after certain legal hurdles have been overcome, I feel that the truth will surface. Meanwhile, the only way to have those tapes published is if Mr Cohen gives permission.

Last week I sent an email to Mr Cohen, challenging him to put a stop to the lies. I invited Mr Cohen to give us permission to publish the recordings. If he is so sure of himself, and if he believes that this website is filled with lies, as he has been telling everyone, then this is his opportunity to expose the truth. Sadly, Mr Cohen has not accepted the challenge. One of the recordings was made during a meeting with a client to whom Mr Cohen had sold three dangerous prescription-only medications without a prescription and with no warnings. When the Health Care Complaints Commission investigators and Commissioner asked Mr Cohen about the sale, Mr Cohen lied and accused the client of having stolen the medications! You can see why we need to protect our legal interest. The tapes prove that Mr Cohen acted illegally, and lied while interviewed by the Commission.

Mr Cohen has a chance to give us permission to publish the tapes and reveal the truth, but I fear that he knows that there is not a single lie on this site, and that 100% of what he says is lies, so he will not want those tapes to see the light of day. But that will be for a judge to decide, and we are working on it. I just can’t understand why he keeps on lying, and why he keeps on hurting people. Tomorrow morning there is a first hearing at CTTT for a client whom Sam Cohen had conned. The day after that, there is another CTTT formal hearing for yet another client. He keeps putting people to so much trouble. Yesterday I received another email from a distressed IHRB client. The hurt and suffering goes on, and Mr Cohen has his head in the clouds. With all this evidence against him, when will he stop acting and operating illegally? When will he wake-up to the fact that he is endangering lives? When will he understand that we know that he is running a scam, and that he is conning people? When will the authorities act! The mind boggles.

Here is what my email said:

Dear Mr Cohen.

Thank you for your letter. I am sure we can both find better things to do. I am sure the truth is the best way forward. If you value the truth and if you would like to prove your claims then I have one challenge for you. If you agree to my terms I will sign an undertaking to your lawyers that I will 100% remove the website if you give me and Kxxx and Rxxx permission to publish audio files of recordings taken by each of us of you in normal conversation with each of us during a normal consultation while each of us was a client of yours. If those recordings prove what I am saying to be true, then the website remains. If what I have been saying is proved to be a lie, then the website is removed on the basis that what I claim has been false.

The recordings we have were taken legally to protect our legal interests as is permitted by the relevant Act. They are each approximately six month apart, so they offer a good sample of how you conduct your consultations.

If you are a man of your words; If you are a man of integrity; If you value honesty; If you hate lies and liars; If you want to see an end to this saga; If you want to prove to the world your allegations that I have been publishing lies about you; If you care about your reputation; Then here is my offer: You have nothing to lose because you are adamant that I have been lying. You are emphatic about your ethics. So what could those recordings prove other than your version of events. All you need to do is write, sign, scan, and email a letter on your letterhead to me outlining that you give permission to Kxxx and Rxxx and me to publish those recordings. Nothing could be simpler. The public will hear the truth raw, devoid of hearsay and without any finger pointing. No longer will you have to dispute anything.

Your letter today to Dr Axxx made strong claims. You are obviously disgusted by my supposed lies. I am giving you this opportunity to have my website removed if the recordings show that there is ONE thing that I have lied about. Just ONE SOLITARY thing. If my site contains one lie which those recordings prove, I will remove the site.

On the other hand if those recordings show that my statements are true, then at least you would have some form of closure by facing the truth that you seem to value so much.

The recordings are of normal client consultations of you conducting your normal business, so you should have nothing to hide. There is no issue of confidentiality because I have their permission too.

You have accused me of lying about you. This is your opportunity to stand up like a man and put a stop to this saga. I invite you to show your true colours. My site has been accusing you of certain conduct. If you do not engage in that conduct then the audio files will bear this out and show how you really operate. If you refuse this opportunity, then you are running away from the raw reality of what you really said and did to three random clients.

This offer is open until this Friday afternoon (3 June 2011). If you need more time, just let me know. If I do not hear from you, I will presume you have declined the opportunity.



Upon receipt of my email, Mr Cohen sent an email (below) to his local Police (at the very Police Station that had raided his office and found him in illegal possession of dangerous non-approved drugs). In his email, he asks the Police to ‘Please help’. He is unhappy about having secret recordings because he knows that they will prove that he has been lying and acting illegally. Where can he go from here? I can tell you that today, 9 June 2011, I attended a CTTT hearing to assist a victim, and during that preliminary hearing, Mr Cohen lied and lied and lied and lied, so much so that I literally felt sick to my stomach. So much so that I was agitated all day by the filth of Mr Cohen’s unscrupulous behaviour. And CTTT facilitators were just keen for the two parties to strike a deal. I would love it if CTTT would step down from that conciliatory role and delve deeper into the lies and question Mr Cohen deeply about his disgraceful fraud, scam, lies, and deceit. Mr Cohen now knows that the tape exist, and so the more he insists that I am lying, the more pressure will be on him to give us permission to publish those tapes. If Mr Cohen thinks he is telling the truth, why won’t he allow us to publish the tapes? Never mind, soon enough, a judge will decide about the tapes, and when it is there in broad daylight, I wonder what Mr Cohen will have to say then? How will be cope with eating humble pie?

By the way, I do find it amusing that Mr Cohen is such a drama queen. He seems to think that my email to him constitutes black mail. He does have a wild imagination! He says that I come up with news on this site on an almost daily basis. Yes, I wonder why there is so much news to publish. Funny thing is, I have heaps and heaps more that is yet to see the light of day. There is so much more to come, but I am patient, and I will release news and information in the fullness of time as I clear more legal hurdles. There are now over 100 articles on this site, and I can tell you that we have not even scratched the surface.

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