More label tampering

More label tampering

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Here we have more evidence of label tampering. The photos show that someone is peeling the labels that the pharmacist is sticking on the bottles of Minoxidil. It is also evident that Sam Cohen has started to use other compounding pharmacists, either because his regular supplier has dumped him, or because he was no longer getting his own way. Meanwhile, whenever anyone calls me to complain about IHRB and Sam’s conduct, I ask them to send me a photo of their bottle. From this, I am able to learn about the mixtures, the name of the pharmacists, and the batch/lot numbers. Also, I am able to see if certain labels had been peeled.

When a former IHRB client sent me this photo, I had pointed out that the labels had been peeled. The client had not noticed. It was not immediately obvious to the client. Well, dear reader, here we see more tampering. The photo clearly shows that someone had peeled the label. Why would Sam Cohen do this? He had done the same with my bottles, and with the bottles of other former clients with whom I am in regular contact, as I had noted in this article. In the photo on the left, we can see the heading ‘IHRB’. I had smudged the text that followed, to give the client some confidentiality by removing a series of numbers that might have been batch numbers which could have identified the client.

As you can see at the bottom part of this label, something was removed. It might have been warnings, or a price, or the ingredients or contents of the bottle, or even the client’s name. On prescription medications, it is a requirement to place the name of the client, and we have it on good authority that Sam Cohen gives people bottles that were not originally compounded for them! I know this because he had done this to me! He hoards prescriptions and uses them to fill orders for new clients who are none the wiser.

Let’s see how well I know Sam Cohen… I will boldly predict that he will soon cover up these peeled sections with his own new label, on which he will write some hogwash to conceal the fact that a label had been removed. Let’s wait and see how long that takes.

I am not psychic. I have grown to know the man. Also, I can see that he has already started to place his own labels on bottles. Below is another photo from another client who showed me this new innovation. Below we see a photo of a new labels that says, ‘made according to IHRB’s formulation and specifications’.

I really would have thought that Sam Cohen would have buckled-up in search of the straight and narrow. Instead of learning from his ways, he is persisting with his lies. Does his pharmacist know that he is placing this label on each bottle? Or was it placed there by his pharmacist? Either way, this is problematic. It begs the questions, 1) what is the formulation and 2) what are the specifications?

Mr Sam Cohen will insist that he has special Indian Curries (or herbs) that he says he invented or concocted which are his wonder workers. He needs us all to believe that he has a special formulation, otherwise, how on earth can he con us into paying so much for his products?

Anyway, this is one long story. The upshot is, Mr Sam Cohen has a new compounding pharmacist (if not several, to spread the risk). Sam Cohen is still tampering with the bottles. He has no authority to be touching and handling prescriptions. He has no licence to be selling Schedule 2 and Schedule 4 medications. Every which way we look at this, it is illegal, irregular, dangerous, and a right-royal con trick. Not very good manners, what!

P.S. IHRB is the name of the Institute of Hair Regrowth and Beauty run by Sam Cohen of 105 Pitt Street Sydney. It is also written as Institute of Hair Regrowth & Beauty or Institute of Hair Re-growth & Beauty.

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