Sam Cohen lies to the police

Sam Cohen lies to the police

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I now have a copy of the police report. As to be expected, it is filled with lies. If you recall, Sam Cohen threatened me with violence. He put his fist to my face. He shouted obscenities and then he called the police. Since then, he has been telling people that I was the one who caused a commotion. Anyway, below is the copy of the police report. Does Sam Cohen of IHRB have any civility in his blood? Is it not possible to string a sentence together that is not filled with lies? I mean he lied to me about every single thing he has ever told me. He lied about his products, his treatment, his offers… Does that sound like an exaggeration? It does. Alas, it is the fact of the matter.

However, he also lied to the NSW Police! How jolly typical of the man.

Here we go:

Lie number 1) That I was ‘causing trouble’. He conned me. I asked for a refund. He refused. I told him that the matter will be taken further. He became violent. So that is Sam’s idea of me causing trouble. The full story is available if you click here.

Lie number 2) That I was angry that my doctor wouldn’t allow me to have treatment on my hair. Sam Cohen can’t seem to get it through his silly head that my doctors would not prescribe his dangerous concoctions. Sam wanted me to use non-approved, dangerous medications, that were never designed for hair loss. He wanted my doctors to prescribe non-approved products whose side effects could be catastrophic. So he lied to the police and said that I was angry. I was as calm as a kitten on a rug. I knew Sam’s game. I showed no signs of anger. As for the truth of the matter, he should have said that I was requesting a refund because I had lost more hair and suffered a rash (click here for photos). But telling the truth is as impossible for Sam as it is for bricks to talk. I wanted a refund because his dubious products did not work. He wanted to dose me up with drugs that could cause heart failure, permanent erectile disfunction, and instant death. These are some of the side effects. My doctors were doing me a favour. I was not at all angry at my doctors. I wanted a refund under his much publicised money back guarantee. It seems to be to be nothing more than a scam!

Lie number 3) That I had signed forms that no refund was available. There you have it dear reader. How on earth can News Limited still allow him to place ads in their publications, stating that IHRB comes with a full guarantee? He has the bloody gall to say that I had signed that no refunds would be available. Every single ad and every single leaflet and every single statement by IHRB and Sam Cohen has the word ‘Guarantee’ in it. And now you see the colours of the sick man. He said that I knew that no guarantee was in place. Is there anything more I can say about the pathetic creature who, in my opinion, has not an ounce of scruples. It seemed to me that he was a bloody scammer. I hold the view that he is a con artist. Sam Cohen lied to me! Click here to read how he promotes his guarantee in the ads.

These lies are on top of the blantant lies he published in a magazine last week, thanks to News Limited. Click here to understand the mind of the serial liar.

On top of the many other lies he told the Office of Fair Trading. Click here to see how Sam tells more porky pies.

By the way, I, too, called the police that day. Here is a copy of the police records from the 000 Emergency Service.

P.S. IHRB is the name of the Institute of Hair Regrowth and Beauty run by Sam Cohen of 105 Pitt Street Sydney. It is also written as Institute of Hair Regrowth & Beauty or Institute of Hair Re-growth & Beauty.

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