No ifs, no buts, no way

No ifs, no buts, no way

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The full-age advertisements from IHRB show Sam Cohen’s photo, along with his promises. Mr Cohen tells us to be wary of other hair regrowth companies. He says that many companies make promises that are misleading or unethical. He wants us to believe that he is the knight in shining armour. He uses amazing phrases designed to lull us into a sense of security. In the header, he says, ‘ALL OTHERS SAY ‘TRY OURS, IT MAY HELP”. NO “IFS” AND “BUTS” WITH US – WE GUARANTEE TO REGROW MORE OF YOUR OWN HAIR OR YOUR MONEY BACK.

I find this baffling. What does this means? Why is it the only line in red, and in capital letters? What is Mr Samuel Cohen trying to say? What can the average person assume he means? What can anyone mean when they make wild statements and then say that there are no ifs and no buts? What are the ‘ifs’ to which he is referring? What are his competitors saying and doing? Why is he warning us about them? The previous sentence in the ad says, ‘BE VERY WARY ABOUT WHAT YOU HEAR AND SEE!‘ It is in the headline copy, in caps and with an exclamation mark, if you please!

What is he warning us about? What are these ‘ifs’ that tend to complicate matters? Are his competitors saying that you will grow hair if you do silly things like stand on your head for 20 hours per day? Are his competitors saying that they will gladly take your money BUT you can’t expect any hair to grow… BUT you have to be in perfect health… BUT we can’t be held responsible if it does not work…

What are these IFs and BUTs that warrant red bolded capitalised headline text in a full page ad?

I ask these questions because Mr Cohen told me that I can expect a noticeable improvements, or my money back. I lost more hair on his program that I had lost in the previous four years. I gained no hair. I suffered a painful rash. I wasted a lot of money going to doctors, and wasted petrol, parking, tolls, and my time visiting his office several times. In the end, he refused to refund my money.

His total disregard and disrespect led me to investigate his whole operation. Hence this website. So I ask you, what on earth does he mean about no ifs and no buts, when so far, I have suffered endless abuse by his lack of decency to meet the guarantee?

Why say no ifs and no buts when it seems that not only would he not refund your money, he will not answer your letters. He will not even have the decency to show up to a Tribunal hearing prepared. And even after I gave him a bound 211-page document, filled with damning evidence about him and his whole operation, he still could not see the error of his ways. When pressed by one of the facilitators to come to some sort of a compromise, he said that I deserve nothing, but he could see his way to give me some of his shampoo by way of settlement.

For now, and yet again, he is ignoring me while waiting, as I am indeed waiting, for the second date to be set for the CTTT hearing.

It is bad enough that he has wasted so much of my time and money. I have engaged lawyers, researches, administrators, and assistants. I have spent time and money to bring the evidence to the tribunal, and to attend a hearing that took half a day in town. He walked away with 211 pages filled with photos that clearly show how his treatment did not work.

What more does he want? What are his ifs and buts now? All that effort to try to show him how he has abused me and lied to me, and he still wants to get up and say IF and BUT.

Isn’t that a lark!

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