No side effects?

No side effects?

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The TGA’s Therapeutic Goods Advertising Code 4.2.i says: ‘An advertisement for therapeutic goods must not contain any claim, statement or implication that the goods are safe or that their use cannot cause harm or that they have no side-effecs.’ IHRB ads never mention any side-effects. And they give the impression that the treatment has never failed. Indeed, Mr Cohen told me that he has never failed. What he does not mention himself, he engineers it so that others mention for him. For example, Mr Cohen’s use of testimonials have clients saying things like the treatment has no side effects. This is from a client who is featured in dozens of ads and on the website of

[UPDATE: New Sanctions in November 2011 found IHRB’s ads unlawful and misleading. Read the latest by clicking here.]

IHRB also gives the impression that the treatments are safe by using words like Herbal, Organic, and Natural Extracts, to give the impression that the solution is safe.

IHRB’s advertisements are designed to plant seeds in a reader’s mind. This one warns readers about unnecessary cosmetic products, so as to pave the way to sell unnecessary cosmetic products. Everything about IHRB’s ads is misleading. The ads point to all the con-tricks, and then performs the very con tricks! The contract locks people into using unnecessary products which are also at exorbitant prices.

For a copy of the Therapeutic Goods Advertising Code 2007 from the TGA, please click here.

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