Outrageous testimonials

Outrageous testimonials

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IHRB’s ads are misleading. To go even further, the testimonials are used as a way of leading the readers to believe other sensational claims. At no time are readers told about the dangerous medications being used. Here are examples of some of the claims that IHRB makes via testimonials. This is a sneaky way of placing misleading claims in advertising under the guise of a testimonial, thereby giving a reasonable person the wrong information and/or the wrong impression.

‘What I found attractive is the 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied.’

This client cannot give this testimonial because she has not had to invoke this part of the contract. She cannot testify about this because she has not had to experience this aspect of the contract. The misleading and tricky IHRB contract does mentions ‘satisfaction’ but does not give a refund based on ‘satisfaction’.

This is an incorrect statement and a misleading statement used to lull readers into a sense of confidence.

IHRB’s testimonials are contradictory, designed to say to the reader that nothing on the market works. Yet, IHRB uses the same common products that are on the market. IHRB packages the ineffective products under its own label, and sells them at double the price, and in the case of the useless shampoos, at more than 8 times the price.

IHRB is using these solicited testimonials to send messages to the market that it is otherwise careful not to admit itself. This is IHRB’s way of distancing itself, while influencing the reader. Mind you, these and other claims were made to me in person, but I notice that they are not made in writing. IHRB uses testimonials to say what it is otherwise not permitted, by law, to say.

For example, this client says that he has tried many products, including Serenoa. This is way too clever. IHRB sells its own branded Serenoa in the form of Saw Palmetto tablets at double the market price, with no proof that it works. And here this client is saying that it does not work. Yet IHRB sells this product as part of the solution. So this clever ad is saying that the products on the market do not work. Yet IHRB uses the products as those used by competitors. This is a way for IHRB to say ‘do not use other products, they do not work. But our products work.’ How can this be? It is because IHRB sells the ‘treatment’ which includes mysterious Indian Curries that do not exist, and in the end, the effective products, the ones that enable these clients to see such dramatic cosmetic improvements, are the non-approved dangerous solutions that these clients are taking, while most probably not knowing the risks. And even if they knew the risks, they should not be able to get their hands on such products. The doctors who prescribed these medications are taking grave personal risks.

The testimonial below says, ‘To my astonishment, and yours, in less than 3 months from beginning the treatment, I almost have all my hair back.’

These kinds of testimonials are used to plant ideas in the reader’s mind that amazing results can be achieved. Yet IHRB does not disclose the non-approved and dangerous medications that are used. This person was going bald at the age of 16. And he was losing hair at a ‘rapid rate’. A fast turn around within three months could only be achieved with serious non-approved products.

What we are never told is that this man will lose his hair rapidly if he stops taking the dangerous non-approved medications.

If he continues to take the non-approved medications, he can suffer serious health problems.

We are not told where this person is today, and we have no medical records to show us his current medical condition or the condition of his heart.

This client below also sets the expectation of three months, saying that his bald patch is becoming unnoticeable.

This testimonial is used to emphasis speed of growth, and also stress the propaganda that somehow IHRB’s ‘products’ were the key factor.

This client says, ‘I have no doubt that within the next 3-6 months I will have a full head of hair’. This is speculative and sets the expectations to the extreme, which Mr Cohen never promises in his contract. So he sets the expectations, and yet backs out of the promise when it comes to taking people’s money.

Ironically, the IHRB contract tells clients (and makes them sign an agreement) to expect NO hair regrowth. This client says he is expecting a FULL regrowth. This is another extreme piece of deception. The client is boasting about a FULL head of hair, yet the client is asked to sign that NO hair can grow in the area. How can we go from FULL to NO hair. The extremities are ghastly and unethical.

Mr Cohen makes people sign that they will not expect ANY hair to grow in the affected area, yet here he is pushing the line that clients have had full recovery within a short period of time. When I lost more hair while using his treatment, he said that I should stay on it for another two years. He can never admit defeat. Rather than see the bleeding obvious, that my hair was falling out faster than ever before, all due to his treatment whose side-effects include hair loss, he kept insisting that it was improving, and then said that I needed to be his client for another two years. Sinister and macabre!

This testimonial below is trying to get the reader to believe that Mr Cohen has special products. The writer is saying, ‘Your products have regrown my hair’.

Mr Cohen locks clients into using his products such as useless shampoos and herbal tablets. They are all ineffectual. If he disagrees with this statement, I am more than happy to apologise and retract if if he can show me a decent medical or clinical study that proves his claim. I have proof, in that I used the jolly rubbish. What proof does he have? He is the one making the claims.

Any hair growth would have come through existing medications such as Minoxidil or Finasteride or via dangerous medications like Loniten, and irritating Retin-A. None of these are IHRB products.

Mr Cohen wants people to believe that he has ‘products’ and that the hair growth has come about as a result of using ‘his’ products. This is all deceptive and cleverly engineered to trick the customer into expensive unnecessary products. The products that stimulate hair growth are not his products. Yet he keeps on speaking about his products. How are they his? Minoxidil is not his. Loniten is hot his. Retin-A is not his. Saw Palmetto is not his, even though his logo is on the packet. And as for the cheap shampoo that he sells at 8 times the market rate, is is detergent all of a sudden his? he has no products, yet he will insist that he has a treatment. And he wants us to believe this so that he can charge thousands of dollars for absolutely nothing at all. How can I emphasise this: absolutely nothing at all. His advice is dangerous, wrong, deceitful, misleading, and downright unethical So what do we get for all those thousands of dollars and that waste for time? A bloody headache in my case. A waste of bloody time in my case.

This client emphasises ‘no side-effects’. This is extremely dangerous. The medications that Mr Cohen recommends have severe adverse side-effects.

This client mentions footballers as if to suggest that they are in any way learned about such matters.

This person mentions ‘a short period of time’ yet in my case, Mr Cohen said that it would take 12 months. And when nothing happened, he said that I cannot expect to see anything in under three years. It is all a slippery slide.

This testimonial below is trying to get the reader to believe that Mr Cohen is an honest man. The client writes that he had bad experiences before with ‘crooks who obviously are only after the money’.

Mr Cohen uses testimonials to cover up his own alleged scam. He warns people about crooks, yet he does exactly what they do. By pointing the finger at others, he is able to say that he is not like them. This is deceptive reverse-psychology because Mr Cohen has lied to me and has cheated me, so this testimonial is misleading.

This client also mentions footballers as if to create a celebrity worship. If footballers are mates with Sam, then Sam must be honest. (By the way, for more on this matter of footballers, click here for another revelation.)

The reference to Sam performing miracles is trying to suggest that Sam is the man behind the treatment, as if he has an innovative product. Were are not told that these clients are risking their health to achieve such results. I wonder how footballers would feel if told that these products cause impotence, painful testicles, tender breasts/chest even in men, and reduced desire for sex, low libido, possibility of more hair-loss due to the side-effects which include hair-loss, and heart failure. Not to mention rashes, and hair that could grow on the forehead, back, legs, ears, and other unsightly growths in unwanted places.

IHRB is careful to state that hair follicles can die after four years. Therefore, with this testimonial, IHRB is trying to stick its neck out and lure readers whose hair might have been lost over a much longer period than four years.

IHRB knows that it must be careful about the claims, so it uses testimonials to stretch the boundaries and give hope to those outside the four-year zone (despite this from an older IHRB website says that IHRB has been able to regrow dead roots. The operative phrase to prove this assertion is ‘even though’.

This client below says that he has been balding for nearly 20 years, and that he was ‘bald’ for 12 years. He tried treatments from most organisations.

Louis Assi says that despite balding for 20 years and being bald for 12 years, he was able to regrow hair in under three months! He spoke of friends and his doctor being amazed and bewildered.

These kinds of unrealistic expectations would never be allowed in body-copy, yet IHRB makes these claims via such testimonials to give everyone hope.

Imagine if these ads were turned into text and used in an ad. Imagine if an ad said, ‘If you would like a new life full of confidence, youthfullness and improved appearance, try our amazing hair regrowth program. Even though you might have been balding for nearly 20 years, and even though you might have been bald for the last 10 or 12 years, and even if you have tried most other organizations and most products, we can change your life…’

Take each of these testimonials and turn them into body copy for advertisements, and Sam Cohen would be slapped with so many fines, he won’t know what hit him. And he knows this, so he channels these absurd claims via testimonials, and never reveals anything of substance, such as what these people were paid, what their blood and heart condition is like, and what medications they took, or that they might have achieved such results after taking non-approved and dangerous products like Loniten.

Lay it on the line, Mr Cohen! I dare say that one of these days, these clients of yours will be required to give real testimonials, in court.

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