Retin-A side effects

Retin-A side effects

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If you have a weak stomach for ugly images, don’t look at the photos in this article because they are horrid. They show what Retin-A can do to some people who react badly to it. Mr Sam Cohen of IHRB gave me a topical solution containing Retin-A, without my knowledge. The label did not specify the contents. The mixture needs a doctor’s prescription, which I did not have. How can Mr Cohen sell products that do not follow the labelling laws? How can he sell Prescription-Only products without a prescription? How can he give me a product without warning me of the side effects and without understanding my medical history? This is a question that no-one will answer for me. If Mr Cohen would like to explain the procedure or the process, I would be more than happy to publish his version of events and to correct any errors I have made on this site. Don’t forget to check out the side-effects for Minoxidil.

Alas, Mr Cohen does not wish to communicate with me. Who did what, that led to me being given a product that was compounded for me, without a doctor’s prescription, without proper labelling, by IHRB which has no license and no qualifications and no authority to be dishing out such products in that manner? Maybe it is all my fault and I am wrong, but will someone set me straight and explain the procedure?

Why should anyone answer my questions? I am the mug who paid $3,700 for a treatment that affected me badly, caused me to lose more hair, and to suffer a painful rash that persisted with scars on my scalp. I am the client who bought into a 100% money back guarantee that was not honoured. Mr Cohen told me that there were indian curries. Former clients have given me testimonials that prove that IHRB spins that line to others.

How is it possible that I was given a badly-labelled bottle? No information sheet. No warnings about the side effects, and no support whatsoever when my scalp developed a painful rash that needed two courses of antibiotics at my expense and inconvenience and suffering. When I told Mr Cohen about my rash, and showed him the photographic evidence, he said that it could not have been from his topical solution. Did he advise the pharmacist? No. Is that the medical procedure? Don’t we have strict rules about how such things should be logged and handled?

I am no spring chicken. I have been on this planet for decades. Never had I suffered a rash on my scalp. So what could have caused it?

Dear reader, indeed, these are questions that need to be answered, but I do not have the authority to compel Mr Cohen to answer any question. So far, every question he has answered has been a lie. I have no powers to search his files. This investigation needs the Department of Fair Trading to step in.


PS: Regarding the ghastly photos above, I show them to balance out the photos that IHRB shows everyone. The IHRB topical solution includes Retin-A. This medical site explains the side-effects of Retin-A. The photos came from this site: Click here for more.

The site says, ‘Retinoids can irritate the skin, especially when they are first used. This is more likely in those with sensitive skin, resulting in stinging. Excessive use results in redness, swelling, peeling and blistering in treated areas. It may cause or aggravate eczema, particularly atopic dermatitis.’ Click here for more.

It then says, ‘Bacterial infection is extremely common in atopic dermatitis.’ Click here for more.

PPS: The offer to ‘please correct me’ applies to Mr Sam Cohen as well. He is more than welcome to correct any errors on this site. Sadly, he ignores me too.

PPPS: I wonder if a murderer can get away with murder if all he has to do is not respond. Say nothing, ignore everyone, and no-one can touch him. And if anyone accuses him of murder, he can threaten to sue them for defamation. That could make a great plot for a novel or a movie. I might work on it some day. It reminds me of the movie called, ‘The man who sued God’ starring Billy Connolly. I can imagine a cool plot where, by a twist of law, a murderer is able to sue, thereby obfuscating his apprehension.


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