Suspicious testimonials

Suspicious testimonials

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Mr Cohen has lied to me about every aspect of his business and his treatment. One way that he backs-up his lies, and one way that he influences people, is via his testimonials. By way of example, here are two testimonials that make me wonder who is crafting the words. These two are almost identical. This is way too suspicious.

The testimonial above says: ‘…you made me feel there was no pressure to buy your products and as I saw pictures of well known footballers and other clients…’

The testimonial below says: ‘…you made me feel as if there was no pressure to buy your products and when I saw some of the pictures of well known footballers and some of your other clients…’

IHRB and Mr Cohen know that they can’t make too many claims themselves, so they seem to arrange it so that others say it for them. What we are never told is what medications these people had taken? I suspect that they took non-approved and dangerous products. They might have been paid in some way or in-kind or via free shampoos etc. It is mandatory that all this be above board, because it is the law, and it is the decent ethical thing to do.

It is interesting how stilted the testimonials sound. Reading them reminds me of those bad, stiff, wooden ads of two friends having coffee and one of them says, ‘My, what lovely curtains you have,’ and the other says, ‘Oh yes I went to the SpringVale Shopping Mall Mart & Excellent Home Improvement Centre of North Terrace Road Springfield right next to the big arches where the prices are reasonable and the parking is plentiful with fun things for the kids to do, and I even get to enjoy a free muffin at the Savoy Grill every Thursdays…’

Who speaks like that? Sam Cohen’s testimonials are just as scripted, with each one focussing on an aspect of the treatment, saying things like, ‘You can do it in the comfort of your own home’. Pray tell, in whose other home can you do it?

The testimonials say things that IHRB is not otherwise allowed to say. For example, it is forbidden to give the impression that a product can perform miracles, so Mr Cohen publishes testimonials of clients/models/paid-actors (who knows) to say something like, ‘You performed miracles in my life’. All of these smell way too fishy to be genuine testimonials. Click here for a review of a whole range of testimonials so that you can see for your self… with your very ‘own’ eyes…

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