Sam Cohen ‘Reprehensible’

Sam Cohen ‘Reprehensible’

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Here is the media release from the Department of Fair Trading about Mr Sam Cohen:

Fair Trading Commissioner Rod Stowe said a Leichhardt man who sells hair loss treatments had been convicted of misleading the Consumer, Trader and Tenancy Tribunal (CTTT).

Samuel Faraj Cohen, the Managing Director of the Institute of Hair Regrowth and Beauty Pty Ltd, was recently found guilty in Parramatta Local Court, of lying to the CTTT about his qualifications. He was ordered to pay nearly $1,000.

Samuel Cohen appeared before the Tribunal to defend an action brought by a consumer who was seeking a refund regarding a hair restoration program.

During the proceedings before the CTTT, Mr Cohen was asked about his qualifications. He claimed he had a Bachelor of Science degree.

Mr Stowe said as a result of a consumer’s complaint to Fair Trading, investigators interviewed Mr Cohen to establish if he had a Bachelor of Science degree.

“During the course of the Fair Trading investigation it became evident Mr Cohen had not been awarded a Bachelor of Science degree,” he said.

“He even provided misleading documents in relation to his academic progress, in an attempt to support his claim and cover his tracks.

“Mr Cohen knowingly and deliberately misled the Tribunal.

“His actions are reprehensible and can not be defended.”

Mr Stowe said consumers have a right to expect traders act with honesty and integrity.

“This outcome serves as a reminder to traders that dishonest behaviour will catch up with them,” he said.

“Fair Trading will not hesitate in taking similar action against any trader caught deceiving the public.”

Click here to go to the Fair Trading site to read the original media release.

More on this story is featured here. A backgrounder about the Bachelor of Science is featured here.


People wonder why there was an altercation between me and Mr Cohen. Well, let me say that I believe that Mr Cohen needs to be aggressive to protect his scam empire. It has always worked for him in the past. When someone challenges him, he becomes aggressive. That scares most people away, and thus far he has frustrated an enormous amount of clients who were too embarrassed to take him to task.

I clearly remember how Mr Cohen, in his unique accent, said to me ‘Get out’. A strong, wild dictatorial offensive royal order that he would decree upon me, with finger pointing towards the door.

When Fair Trading investigators went to interview Mr Cohen, he tried to pull the wool over their eyes. When he worked out that they were probing too close to the bone, he ordered them out of his office. ‘Get out’, he said to investigators (one of whom was formerly a seasoned police officer). So they left. We live in a polite State. Try that in India or China and see what the authorities would do.

The investigators left and investigated and made phone calls and did their homework, and returned to charge Mr Cohen. He was convicted. He appealed. He lost his appeal. He has a criminal conviction to prove what I have been saying: Mr Cohen is a liar. It’s impossible to do business with liars because they live in a world of limitless opportunities. There are no boundaries and no limits. Liars, and I know many of them, do not know when to stop. The consumer is hurt and abused and conned and scammed. Liars win most of the time. It takes a lot of hard work to bring a liar to justice, because our civilised society gives everyone the benefit of the doubt, and our legal system works on proof, and it is difficult to prove everything, but thanks to the gallant men and women at Fair Trading, they were honouring their commitment to protect the people of NSW. Thank you Fair Trading.


Below is the Tweet that NSW Fair Trading sent to announce Sam Cohen’s conviction. It reads, ‘Samuel Faraj Cohen, Managing Director of hair regrowth & beauty company shorn of $1k for lying about his qualifications.’

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