The Korean cash cow

The Korean cash cow

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Here is an example of a Korean advertisement that was published in ‘Weekly Top’ magazine by IHRB. The photos and representations made in this ad were the trigger that caused the Complaints Resolution Panel to Sanction IHRB and to ask Sam Cohen to withdraw the unlawful, misleading, and unverified representations. That was way back in 2008. IHRB continued to mislead the public. For this reason, new Sanctions were issued in November 2011 which required IHRB to publish retractions.

I do find it amusing that, beneath the Office Hours, Sam Cohen says, ‘As heard on the Radio’ as if that makes it all legitimate. I have noticed that Sam Cohen clutches at any straw and makes any statement he can think of, just to fluff his ads. It’s sheer desperation to say things like, ‘As heard on the Radio’, along with the misleading guarantee, and all that nonsense about his many years of experience and the troll about DHT and the balding gene. Ironically, it all flows off his tongue because he has been saying it for such a long time. Ask Sam Cohen to explain any of it, and he can’t. The Complaints Resolution Panel asked IHRB to explain the ads, and despite being granted an extension, and despite engaging his lawyers, and despite the lengthy response Sam Cohen sent to the Panel, they determined that Sam Cohen and IHRB could not explain or verify a single statement. Not a single one. Not a solitary statement. Nothing mate! One would think that a full-page ad would contain something that were true. Not so. Not a single claim could be verified — which really means that every word and every sentence is utter rubbish. Sam Cohen’s IHRB ads might well have been crafted using a barrel from which random fancy words were pulled out and assembled with neither rhyme nor reason. It’s all hogwash. Officially!

Below we see part of the IHRB hair loss website which flashes the text in red, ‘As Seen on TV and heard on Radio’. I cannot fathom what this means. My reaction is, ‘So what? Lies on TV and lies on Radio are still lies told to a wider audience.’ It somehow is akin to those who say, ‘My book was published by Hobb Nobb Press.’ There was a time when that meant that the manuscript was of the highest standard. That’s no longer true. Publishers have lost their ‘literary’ skills. They are just glorified printing agents. Perhaps there was a time when radio and TV executives refused to air anything that was not ethical or true or real. Not so these days. Anything can be published or broadcast. Oh, wait, is Sam Cohen boasting about the breadth of his advertising as a way of saying that he is a legitimate ‘large’ organisation? As if ‘large’ means ‘good’? Enron, WorldCom, OneTel, and Bernard Madoff were MASSIVE, and look where that got them? Large scammers simply hurt more people. Large con-artists who place heaps of ads on ‘TV and Radio’ just hurt even more people, faster. Having the money to advertise just means that the scheme is profitable. It does not mean that the product is any good. If you want to see Sam Cohen on TV, then here he is, being exposed by Channel 7’s ‘Today Tonight’.

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