Warning: No warning!

Warning: No warning!

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If your left leg is about to be amputated, and a doctor offers you a solution whose side-effect is hair-loss, you might accept this, in order to save your limb. However, when you go to IHRB in search of a hair regrowth treatment, the last thing you would expect to see on the list of side-effects is ‘hair loss’! It is a wild proposition. Indeed, all the reputable brands warn patients of this possible side-effect. They call it shedding, and they have a whole range of scientific explanations about why it happens. However, the average person is not to know about this adverse side-effect. The average person is on a different plane. A client of IHRB and Sam Cohen would be expecting hair growth, not hair loss.

Despite the academic arguments about shedding, don’t you think it would also be reasonable for a patient to be warned and told about this possible side-effect? Wouldn’t you think that this is something IHRB ought to mention to clients? In my humble opinion, anyone trying to grow hair, and paying thousands of dollars, ought to be told that the IHRB treatment could cause hair loss.

Not only are we NOT told about this side-effect, we are not given the full list of warnings that were provided by the first compounding pharmacist. The Patient Information Sheet that is packed by the first pharmacist with every bottle, is not passed on to the client. Mr Sam Cohen withholds the information. Not only that, he tampers with the dosages, and he writes up his own information sheet that does not include the warnings. And Mr Cohen also tampers with the labels on the bottles.


I had obtained the Sheet ‘after’ I had concluded my treatment, as part of my research for my legal submissions. The Sheet mentions a raft of potential side-effects.

Drugs.com says, ‘Exacerbation of hair loss/alopecia has been reported.’ The consumer booklet inside Johnson & Johnson’s Regaine also warns of possible hair loss. Why was I not told about this when Mr Cohen took my $3,700?

I went to IHRB to regrow my hair. Instead, I lost more hair in one year while on Mr Cohen’s IHRB treatment, than I had lost in the previous four years, combined! And I suffered a ghastly painful rash, to boot.

This situation reminds me of a scene from ‘Fawlty Towers’ when Basil Fawlty (John Cleese) is struggling with a fire extinguisher during a hotel fire, and he cries, ‘What’s the bloody point of having a fire extenguisher that just sits there, and when you actually need it, it explodes in your face.’

Indeed. What’s the bloody point!

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