Sam says ‘Ditch’ your doctors

Sam says ‘Ditch’ your doctors

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Mr Cohen told me to ‘ditch’ my doctors after I advised him that my GP and my Specialist Dermatologist both said that they do not wish to become Mr Cohen’s puppets, and that they advised me not to use the non-approved and dangerous products such as Loniten. Mr Cohen said that doctors are stupid, and he used derogatory remarks about me being ‘scared’ for no reason at all. Intimidation was the IHRB way.

Mr Sam Cohen gave me a 14-page document headed, ‘Doctors list 2007’ containing 276 names of doctors whom he said knew all about his work and who allegedly approved of it and would easily just prescribe any medication that I want, including Loniten.

Sam Cohen was using that list to show me that my doctors were silly and that my doctors do not know anything about hair.

Also, Mr Cohen was using this list as a way of showing me that what he is doing must be ok, because so many doctors approve of his allegedly great treatment, despite telling me that most doctors do not like him. (Click here to read about this aspect in another article.)

After Mr Cohen refused my refund, I thought to test out the list and so I sent letters to every of the 276 doctors on that list by first creating an Excel spreadsheet. Most doctors on Mr Cohen’s list had either never head of him, did not know about him, did not respond, or were return-to-sender. Some knew about him and said that they no longer wish to work with him. Others seemed fearful and would only discuss the matter face to face.

After contacting all 276 doctors on Sam Cohen’s list, not a single one of them said that they will prescribe Loniten. Some asked me to go and see them without committing, but most rejected me or did not reply. Here are examples.

Dr R Tung sent an email on 11 September 2009 6:41:43 PM. He said, ‘Thank you for your letter. I regret that I no longer prescribe IHRB treatment. May be some other GPs can help you.’

Dr D Yap sent an email on 11 September 2009 6:37:46 PM. He said, ‘Regarding prescribing of Minoxidil & Proscar for hair loss, I have not had any experience with it. Have used the lotion for my patients but not the tablets. Might be best to see your own GP with the information as he has a full knowledge of your medical history.’
Dr K Diu sent a hand-written note in the post, saying, ‘I have stopped taking new patients for the past 10 years’. Then I received a voice mail from Dr P. Davidson’s rooms, giving no reason why he cannot assist. His secretary had said, ‘My name is Rosie. I am calling on behalf of Dr Davidson. Just regarding the request you sent for some prescriptions. Unfortunately he will be unable to do that for you. Unfortunately I have not been given a reason…’

Below we see four examples of the dozens of letters that were returned to sender.

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