Wrong way, go back!

Wrong way, go back!

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The compounding pharmacist says that the topical solution should be used with shampoo that is ‘laureth/lauryl sulphate FREE’. So guess what Sam Cohen’s own IHRB shampoo contains? You guessed it. A total disregard to the pharmacist’s warning. The medications I received were compounded by Mr Cohen’s first pharmacist who places this advice under the heading of ‘WARNING’. Alas, Mr Sam Cohen does not pass this warning on to his clients. I (and I know of other clients who) received no such warnings. Sam Cohen withholds this information and sells his exorbitant shampoo.

On the left, we can see a photo of the IHRB-branded bottle. It contains Sodium Laureth Sulphate. So how can the information-sheet warn against using such shampoo, yet IHRB sells this shampoo. Not only sells it, but insists upon its use in the contract. This is part of the mandatory treatment, signed upon in the contract! There are several reasons. The first is that Sodium Laureth Sulphate is very cheap to purchase. This was explained in another of my articles here. This is a foaming agent. It is used in many products.

The second sinister reason that Mr Sam Cohen wants his clients to use this shampoo, is to open up the scalp so that more minoxidil gets into the system. This is a big no-no. But who cares? He does it anyway.

In telling the IHRB story to friends, they concluded that Mr Sam Cohen must be stupid. I interjected and said, ‘He is not stupid at all. He is way too clever. Unbelievably clever, because Sam Cohen does everything that he ought not do. This master-crafting is not the method of a stupid man. It is the process of a calculated well-studied operation. Everything Mr Cohen does, should not be done. But he knows what he is doing.’

Experts say not to use Retinoids, and he uses Retinoids. Experts say not to use Loniten, and he uses Loniten. Experts specify the dosages, and he devises his own dosages to cause the very damage that experts are warning about. Mr Cohen needs those chemical to interact and react, so that he can get his chemicals inside your system. And when things go wrong, he jumps to his defence and says that he is not a doctor, therefore the prescribing doctor is to blame. More on that tactic here.

When it comes to Sodium Lauryl Sulphate or Sodium Laureth Sulphate, Mr Cohen uses these to weaken the scalp. This chemical strips the scalp of its natural oils, making it even easier for the Minoxidil to enter the system, despite experts warning that such a thing should not happen due to the adverse side-effects. This website goes even further and says, ‘…critics claim that sodium lauryl sulfate is retained in the long run in organ tissues like the heart, liver, and brain. In lab animals, testing has been blamed for causing mutagenic effects. If they remain in the eyes for too long, they may also lead to the development of cataracts. Because sodium lauryl sulfate is corrosive by nature, it can dry out skin by stripping the protective lipids from the surface of the skin, weakening the body’s natural moisture regulation mechanisms. If it eats away at the follicle, hair loss may also be induced.

We can read this report about the State of California filing a law suit against a company for using products that cause cancer, where such products include shampoos that contain Laureth Sulphate. And in the image below, from this PDF document,

Sam Cohen bandies the words Organic and Herbal all over the place. He uses the words Natural and Extracts to give the impression that everything is baby-soft and safe. As the Organic Consumers Association warns, ‘Remember that just because a personal care product labels itself with the words “organic” or “certified organic” doesn’t mean it meets any specified organic standards.’

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