Overdose me

Overdose me

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Minoxidil should not be mixed with Retinoids, yet Sam Cohen does mix them. The TGA approves 1 mg Finasteride, yet he wanted me to take 2.5 mg, while he puts some clients on 6.25 mg. The Minoxidil bottle says to take 2 mls, yet he wanted me to take 3 mls. Mr Sam Cohen of IHRB is not a doctor, yet he acts like one by recommending dosages that are not even fit for a racing horse. If Sam Cohen were a doctor, he would most probably denounce his qualifications. He wants his clients to go to their own GP to obtain prescriptions so that if anything were to go wrong, he would just blame the GP, who is technically responsible. However, a good lawyer would be able to prove otherwise.

Unfortunately for Sam Cohen, he can no longer hide behind that convenient and tired excuse that the doctors are to blame. Why? Because by his actions, he is advising, prescribing, recommending, selling, and dispensing. The only thing he is not doing, is taking a Medicare card.

Let me show you how Mr Cohen has crossed the line. He can no longer say that he has nothing to do with the medical side of things. Here are only some of the examples.


See if any of these examples prove that Mr Cohen is placing his neck on the line. Can he continue to deny his involvement in the treatment?

1) The bottles of topical Minoxidil (some mixed with Retin-A) and the packs of Saw Palmetto tablets, have labels that say ‘Specially formulated according to IHRB’s specifications’. This shows that IHRB is specifically formulating to its own whims, and not to the doctor’s prescription. There is a greater involvement than merely sending clients to their GPs. This is proof that IHRB has a big part to play in the medications. They are formulated according to Mr Sam Cohen’s directive. He is calling the shots.

2)┬áSam Cohen wanted me to take Finasteride in the form of Proscar. This drug is not approved, yet he wrote to my Doctor hinting that it is approved using sneaky language. He says, Finasteride (Propecia) is listed with the TGA as a treatment for hair loss. But on the yellow note, he wrote Proscar. He says Propecia is listed, but he asks for Proscar, which is not listed for hair loss. Proscar is not approved by the TGA for hair loss or hair growth. An expert might say that it does not matter because both are Finasteride. Well, dear reader, point three below explains why this is the thin edge of a big deal, so read on…

3)  Proscar (not approved) comes in 5 mg tablets, while Propecia comes in 1 mg tablets. Below is an email from Mr Cohen to me that rings alarm bells.

First, Mr Cohen admits in that email below that doctors do not like him. Why? Because his methods are dangerous. His procedure is unethical. His operation is illegal. He admits that many doctors do not want to help him. Why should any doctor help him? Help him to do what? To break the law? To overdose patients? To mix medications that should never be mixed? Precisely!

Second, the email says that Minoxidil and Propecia on their own do not work. That is why he claims that he can help people, whereas he says that doctors cannot. Ok, so if Minoxidil and Propecia do not work, how can he make his treatment work? Ah, so he has something outside of the ordinary. He does something outside of the legal approved guidelines. What does he do? Heaps of bad things. First, he mixes retinoids. The Minoxidil information sheet supplied by my doctor says that Minoxidil should not be mixed with retinoids. And so what does Sam Cohen do? He mixes it with retinoids. Bad news. Not recommended. And to make matters even worse, he wants the doctor to prescribe Retin-A. He is using the doctor as the legal monkey to give him a piece of paper. He is calling the shots, and he wants some doctor to give him the ticket for a free ride.

Third, he mentions that I had used 2 mls a day instead of his recommended 3 mls. There you have proof. The bottle says to use 2 mls. The information sheet which he did not pass on to me, from his own pharmacist, said to use 2 mls. And now Mr Cohen instructs me to use 3 mls. Is that not prescribing? Is that not directing the show? And he wants to blame doctors?

Fourth, Sam Cohen says that he recommended 1/2 Proscar. HE RECOMMENDED. Not my doctor. Not any doctor. These are his recommendations. He is devising and concocting and directing. Why is this bad? Because 1/2 Proscar means half a tablet of Proscar. Why is this bad? Because that equals 2.5 mg. The TGA approved Propecia at 1 mg. And Mr Cohen wants me to take 2.5 mg. This is a product that has significant side effects including a risk of never ever being able to have another erection. Click here for the full story on that saga.

Fifth, he says, ‘Loniten is actually Minoxidil & has been approved by the TGA and FDA to help re-growth.’ This is a 100% lie and wrong and misleading and dangerous, if not culpable and could well be criminal. This is how Mr Cohen pushes people into doing something that they ought not do. He is directing, and now lying to get his way.

Sixth, he tells the doctor what to do. He asks for 3 repeats and 5 repeats. That’s a whole 600 days’ supply of Loniten. His email says that he wanted me to take Proscar and Loniten ‘for a very short time’. What is a short time? My whole program with him was signed up for 12 months. This email was written by Sam almost eight months into my 12 months program. So there are only four months to go? Yet he wanted me to obtain 300 tablets of Loniten. That’s 600 day’s worth. Why? My dear reader, this is all sinister. Mr Cohen collects prescriptions like some people collect supermarket coupons. He wants these prescriptions, in his hands, so that he can later send them to the unsuspecting pharmacist and have them filled, even if I am no longer a client. So Mr Cohen collects prescriptions, stock piles on medications, and removes the patient’s name from the bottles etc, and hands them down to another client. The missing labels that I mentioned to you in a previous article (click here) were labels that had a patient’s name on them. Not my name, because I never obtained a prescription. My smart doctors refused. Mr Cohen orders drugs from his pharmacist. The bottles arrive with someone’s name on them, and he peels the name off, and gives them to another client. And he still wants to blame the doctors? Tut tut.

For now I will press on to other matters. If you would like to learn more about this scandalous email, it is examined in more detail if you click here.

While Mr Cohen shows us the fantastic before-and-after photos (in his ads) of clients who enjoyed rapid hair regrowth (some gained in as little as 3 months due to so many dangerous and non-approved drugs being taken at the same time) he does not tell us about his clients’ medical condition. I wonder how many of them have intolerable side effects. There are side effects for Minoxidil, for Proscar, and for Retin-A, not to mention the dangerous Loniten. which he never even mentions. He keeps hinting that his treatment is safe, herbal, organic, and has been used for decades by him to treat thousands of people who are all satisfied! Former clients of IHRB contact me, and they are troubled and disturbed.

By the way, note that Mr Cohen also sells 10% Minoxidil, which he mixes with Retin-A. At 5%, the experts say to watch out that the Minoxidil does not get into your system. Here we have 10% with Retinoids and/or Retin-A that is absolutely designed to make sure that the Minoxidil DOES get into the system. How dangerous is that! Never mind the absurd sky-high prices he charges!

4) Below we see that Proscar (non-approved by the TGA) and Loniten (dangerous and non-approved by the TGA) are a FIXTURE in his contract. At first he told me that I would not need Proscar/Finasteride, and later he said that I do. This is not a man who advises clients to go to their GP and ask for advice about hair loss. This is a man who specifically calls the shots and runs the treatment, and specifically asks for certain medications. The idea of saying that the doctor prescribed it is merely a technicality. The doctor would never have prescribed it if it were not for Mr Cohen’s letter. Proscar and Loniten are a major FIXTURE in the IHRB treatment. Doctors did not prescribe it! He is prescribing it. And just because the law say that he is not authorised to write out the script, does not mean that he is not really prescribing this. He is asking for it. He is recommending it!

Below we see the mail-order form that says we can join his treatment by paying him, going to the doctor, obtaining a prescription, and he will send to us the Proscar/Finasteride! It’s that simple. In my case, I was given the medication without a doctor’s prescription. I did not realise that this was illegal. In his marketing material, he even says that he will send Finasteride. You see, he knows what he wants. He is prescribing. The doctor is merely a technicality, a formality, a side monkey. He is conducting the treatment.

Never did he say that I could suffer erectile dysfunction. In fact, Mr Sam Cohen led me to believe the opposite. The OPPOSITE! He said that his Saw Palmetto tablets were designed to help men in ‘that department’. He said that he still takes them and he is doing well in ‘that department’. He clutched his genitals and said that ‘it helps to keep men happy down there’. But now I find out, as a result of my research, that the Saw Palmetto tablets were designed to turbo boost the work of Finasteride, and block the DHT. This aspect of the DHT blocking will be explained in a different article. But for now, note that the problems with erectile dysfunction start when men block the DHT, and below we see Mr Cohen knowing full well that this ‘herb’ as he puts it, will block DHT. Mr Cohen says that his herb is ‘extremely effective’ in blocking DHT. This is beyond belief. He engineers it so that his clients take everything that every professional says must not be taken! Mr Cohen is hell-bent on blocking the DHT gene, and he does this via his herbs, phantom Indian Curries, and high dosages of Finasteride, while using super high dosages of Minoxidil with retinoids (a big no-no) along with Loniten (super dangerous).


Mr Cohen’s treatment involves so many bad drugs which he wanted me to take is LARGE quantities. Merck Sharp & Dohme issues warnings about the 1 mg tablets, and here we see that Mr Cohen wants me to take 2.5 mg (being the half tablet of Proscar which comes in 5 mg). And we see from the sheet below that, for some patients, he wants them to take to up one and a quarter tablets which is 6.25 mg. That is more than 6 times the approved dosage! He wanted me to take two and a half times the approved dosage, which even then, at 1 mg could cause a permanent loss of erections, forever! Note that he writes, ‘Doctor approval’ to emphasise that it would be the doctor taking all the blame. My doctors would not approve it, but he blamed them anyway by lying to a government department. Brainless!

Below we see that IHRB sells special topical Minoxidil at up to 15%. This image below is from the back of the contract. To give you an idea of how ‘wow’ that is, consider that when the manufacturers of Rogaine/Regaine (Pfizer, now Johnson & Johnson) were tying to convince the FDA to approve the 5% version of an already approved 2% version of Regaine, the manufacturer had to conduct long, expensive, detailed, clinical trials. And then the FDA trawled through an 800-page document (which I read and have), and conducted meetings wherein a room can have up to 30 leading scientists from around the country. All that effort, over a period of years, just to approve a jump from 2% to 5%. And here we have the careless willy-nilly 15% Minoxidil on the IHRB contract. I have not examined the 15% version, but I know that the 10% version, compounded by Mr Cohen’s first pharmacist, contains anywhere from 0.0075% to 0.05% Retinoic Acid. If Johnson & Johnson can’t go from 2% to 5% without jumping through hoops and producing an 800-page scientific report, how does Mr Cohen just go from 3% to 15% at the tick of a pen? AND HE ADDS retinoids in the mix. Where are the 800-page clinical trials for that!

The experts and the medical documentation says that Minoxidil should not be mixed with Retinols because it causes it to enter the body. Some people who have used Minoxidil have suffered sudden death. All very serious stuff, and all disregarded.

These high, desperate dosages, are also part of the escape in case the treatment is not working, and Mr Cohen needs a super-booster for cosmetic hair growth so that the client does not ask for a refund. Pump the client with as many drugs as possible, all according to the terms of the contract which says that IHRB may alter the treatment so that they never have to refund a penny. In my case, I did not take these high dosages, but I was exposed to dangerous mixures, none the less. Mr Cohen even changed the dosages that were recommended by his own pharmacist. I suffered a painful rash, and lost more hair than ever before, and still Mr Cohen refused to refund my money. No matter. I am not really interested in the money. I am now keen on exposing this operation that is a health hazard to poor unsuspecting clients.

By the way, I really am curious to know how 3% topical solution can sell for $200 per bottle, when the market has reputable brands at around $20 and $30 per bottle. And I am genuinely interested to know how 10% Minoxodil can be sold by Sam Cohen at $600. He sells the 5% version at $225. How can the 10% version be more than double? This really does not make sense. I shall investigate. More work for my team and me. More work! What a learning curve. I would hate to think what the 15% version would sell for. Going by the absurdity of this price list, I would not be surprised if Mr Cohen sells it for $1500 per bottle which is really saying, per month. What a business!

UPDATE: I have since found out that 15% Minoxidil is only worth $70, but Mr Cohen sells it for $900 as is shown in his 2010 price list. More on this aspect is explain if you click here.

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