000 Emergency Call

000 Emergency Call

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We now have the audio recording from the 000 call I made. Sam Cohen of IHRB became violent when I asked for a refund. I was on my way out of his office when I told him that I will be taking the matter further. He put his fist to my face and threatened to smash my face in. At that instant, he yelled out to his receptionist and said, ‘Call the police’. So I came back in and sat down. I was not going to leave the premises in view of him calling the police. I knew that he would spin lies about me and what had transpired. Indeed, he did lie to the police, as this article proves. Click here to read the statement that Sam Cohen made to the Police. I obtained a copy from the Police, and it proves that Mr Cohen lied to them.

Anyway, he published my name in a magazine, spreading more lies. I wrote to the NSW Police Public Affairs Branch and obtained a copy of the 000 Emergency phone call that I had later made at 4:13 pm on 31 August 2009. That call proves that I did, in fact, call the police, and had reported Sam Cohen’s abusive behaviour and threats of violence. Yet again, this proves that Sam Cohen’s version of events is incorrect. I just do not know why liars don’t stop lying. This whole affair started with Sam Cohen’s lies. I wonder if it occurred to him that he might help himself if he started telling the truth for a change. Mr Cohen has lied to me about every conceivable thing that he has uttered. Does he put his head to the pillow and ponder the merits of stopping his ghastly behaviour? Is it too much of an innovation for him to just tell the truth for a change? The mind boggles. The more he lies, the more problems he will encounter simply because I will expose every lie, every time, which builds more and more ammunition against him and his credibility. If he does not like what has transpired as a result of his unethical behaviour, how can he justify additional unethical behaviour? Would it not inflame the uncomfortable situation in which he finds himself?

Anyway, two police units arrived. One from his call, and one from mine. What a scene.

You can listen to the audio recording here:


Here is an excerpt from the transcript of that 000 phone call:

000 Operator: Police, go ahead Telstra.

Telstra: 640813

000 Operator: Thank you. Police Emergency, this is Jelma.

JN: Oh Hi Jelma, I’m currently at a business in 105 Pitt Street.

000 Operator: 105 Pitt Street in Sydney?

JN: Level 5, yes, I’m a client here.

000 Operator: Yes.

JN: And I was about to leave and the proprietor became abusive.

000 Operator: Right.

JN: And then he said ‘I’ll call the Police’, so I sat here and said, ‘Fine great, call the Police.’

000 Operator: Ok. Has he assaulted you at all, or just been verbally abusive?

JN: Verbally abusive.

000 Operator: Verbally abusive.

JN: Given that they’ve called the Police, I want to make sure they are coming, because he’s got rings on his fingers and he’s saying he’ll smash my face in, so I’m not taking that too lightly.

000 Operator: Are you waiting inside or outside the business? In the reception area?

JN: Yes in the office.

[We can hear Sam Cohen in the back ground speaking to someone on the phone saying that he will lock me into his office and leave the premises.]

JN: Now he’s saying that he’ll lock me in and walk out. So that’ll be nice.

000 Operator: So POI (person of interest: Sam) stating, ‘They’ll lock him in?’ They will leave location and lock informant into the building. Ok. It looks as though I can see where you are there, on Pitt. Looks as though you’re near Hunter Street. Is that right? Pitt and Hunter?

JN: Correct. Yes

000 Operator: Ok that’s been broadcast. I’m just waiting for one minute Jonar to see if we get a car that acknowledges it. It depends what’s happening in the area. Are there any weapons there at all? Like he hasn’t come out with anything apart from telling you he’s got the rings and he’s going to smash your face in? And I’ve told the Police all of that. There’s nothing else there at all?

JN: Just the usual room and desk accessories like scissors.

000 Operator: Yes, ok, yep, no worries. Just bear with me for one minute. I’m just waiting to see what happens with the job. It has been broadcast. It just depends; It’s been acknowledged. It’s been acknowledged by Car 14, so they’ll be out there shortly. Are you happy for me to go, or would you prefer me to stay and wait with you?

JN: No that’s fine, thanks.

000 Operator: Ok we’re coming out to IHRB Hair Regrowth Salon, Level 5 of 105 Pitt Street in Sydney. That’s the right location?

JN: Yes…

000 Operator: Car’s on its way there now, love, so won’t be too much longer. If anything untoward starts or flares up again, just ring us straight back.

JN: Sure, thanks for your help.

000 Operator: Alright, thank you Jonar. Bye bye.

P.S. IHRB is the name of the Institute of Hair Regrowth and Beauty run by Sam Cohen of 105 Pitt Street Sydney. It is also written as Institute of Hair Regrowth & Beauty or Institute of Hair Re-growth & Beauty.

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