Working outside the laws

Working outside the laws

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The TGA’s Therapeutic Goods Advertising Code 4.1.a says: ‘An advertisement for therapeutic goods must comply with the statutes and common law of the Commonwealth, States and Territories.’

Mr Cohen is advertising a medical treatment that uses products that are not approved for the treatment of hair. He personally sells medications, yet he is not authorised, not licensed, and not qualified. He clearly states that his treatment includes prescribed medications, yet he supplies them without a prescription. He is not qualified to be treating people with prescription medications. He even fills the prescription for people and acts as their chemist by dispensing scripts. In my case, he sold me the products without a prescription. And he later asked for dangerous products which my GP and Specialist refused to prescribe. Mr Cohen is the one making the assessment, and he is the one advising and influencing, and he was the one who told me to ‘ditch’ my GP in favour of a doctor on his ‘list’. This is a man who is directing and diagnosing and recommending and advising about dangerous and non-approved medications.

[UPDATE: New Sanctions in November 2011 found IHRB’s ads unlawful and misleading. Read the latest by clicking here.]

Mr Cohen is the one who tried to mislead my doctors. He lied to me in emails and during meetings about certain products being approved by the TGA, when they are most definitely not approved.

The statues and common law do not permit a person to treat, sell, mix, dispense, compound, and act as a doctor or pharmacist without qualifications. Mr Cohen does it all, without qualifications and without ethics. Below is a section from a full-page ad that says, ‘Using prescribed topical and oral pharmaceutical products…’. This means that he is advertising to sell these products. His printed price-list includes Schedule 4 medications!

For a copy of the Therapeutic Goods Advertising Code 2007 from the TGA, please click here.

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